The Muddy Waters Of Today’s Journalism



New York (Storch Report) — Today the public is scrutinizing the media — the first line of defense for the 1st Amendment — identifying the media’s left wing liberal progressives from the right wing conservatives by perception which, in fact, defines reality.

Credibility is tanking among the public for all media, whether it be print or video, but in print form it requires the public to parse the words to find the bias, whereas in video you can capture it with words and body language.

The bias gets further confused when the journalist serves in two roles, one being delivering the news as an anchor, the other delivering opinion perhaps on two different programs on the same station without clearly identifying the role of each.

Nothing demonstrates this more than two presidential and VP debates recently hosted by two left wing moderators, Lester Holt of NBC and Elaine Quigano of CBS, both of liberal persuasion, but neither declared such.

Both were highly criticized by their peers and the public for what was obvious bias in their moderator roles, but they play different roles on their respective networks.

This coupled today with the lack of investigative reporting by most as in the Clinton Benghazi hearings, the Clinton private email scandal, the pay for play Clinton Foundation scandal, when Hillary was Secretary of State, confounded by corruption at the highest levels of the Obama administration doesn’t provide the perception of due diligence by the media among the public to uncover same.

The media has a serious credibility problem, failing to live up to the role it was so designated by the Constitution of the United States.

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