The Media Was Snookered By The Donald


Trump in Sarasota

New York (Storch Report) — In the past 48 hours it was striking how wrong the media got it’s reporting, if that is what it’s called these days.

Last night the press virtually lost the president-elect when he and his family went to the 21 Club in New York for dinner, just a few blocks from the Trump Towers where he lives, the New York Times, once the paper of record, which the staff is now stumbling over to uphold, had Trump’s transition team in a state of disarray as the lead story today, when those in the know said it couldn’t be further from the truth, and the media after being hoodwinked the night before reports that Trump was in Washington DC when he was still in the Trump Towers in NY.

Presidents, or president-elects  in the United States do not move in a stealth way, there’s a caravan of cars and  an EMS truck always following.  Somebody just wasn’t watching.

Hillary Clinton should rethink blaming her presidential loss on FBI Director Comey, perhaps it was the inept progressive left wing media that served as her public relations arm?

Meanwhile lame duck President Obama was globetrotting countries with the sole purpose of delivering painfully slow words to defend all he has left — a sad legacy.

And kids across the nation were still trying to cope expressing their progressive protests over the outcome of the election and looking for their trophy for participating, some peacefully, although many breaking the law.  In Portland of those arrested 70 % didn’t even vote and a large number didn’t even live in the State of Oregon.

America still has a lot of growing-up to do.



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