The Mayor Of Baltimore Gave Protestors ‘Space To Destroy,’ She Got What She Asked For

Mayor Rawlings-BlakeBaltimore Md. (Storch Report) — With words giving protestors the ‘space to destroy’ and apparently ordering the police to  stand-back and not defend themselves as rocks were being hurled at them, the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a Democrat, set a city afire.

Today was the funeral of Freddie Gray a black youth who died under police custody after being arrested for an unknown charge and subsequently dying from unknown causes while an autopsy showed that his spinal chord was nearly severed.

Following his funeral, violence erupted, escalated throughout the day until it was aflame this evening.

This black death follows those at the hands of police in Ferguson, St. Louis, New York and South Carolina, so the response should not have come as a surprise to government. 

Tonight Mayor Rawlings-Blake at the scene of the terror in Baltimore claimed her words were twisted.  Difficult to rationalize how ‘space to destroy’ can be twisted.  She said it with respect to the protests, it’s on video tape so what she said is unequivocal.

The police by mere observation were more than passive today, they were retreating and some 15 were injured by rocks being thrown by black youths with passive resistance.

Police vehicles were torched, stomped upon, buildings were set aflame, looting was rampant and even a nursing home was set afire.

The Mayor failed to set a curfew tonight, which has now been set for tomorrow.  Another indication that relates to providing ‘space to destroy’ and coupled with police restraint, and that’s what’s taking place by the predominant black rioters.

While the obvious protests were expected by the city and the State over the Gray death, both were obviously ill-prepared to handle the situation as it evolved.

The Baltimore Police Commissioner said tonight they were outnumbered and out flanked, which again substantiates that they were ill-prepared to handle a situation that was predictable.

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