The Lawless President Who Thinks He’s King


Obama the King

Washington DC (Storch Report) — The words most often used by critics, political pundits and psychologists observing the behavior of President Obama are ‘delusional’ and ‘narcissistic.’

There is no question he acts like King ignoring the Constitution and bypassing the Congress with his executive orders.

Those orders he has executed that have been challenged by Congress have been stricken down by the Supreme Court, a gross waste of time and taxpayer money.

Obama is delusional, dangerous and lawless, governing like a dictator by executive order.

He, I believe, studied constitutional law to circumvent it, modify it, denigrate it and did so despite his duplicitous oath of office to uphold it.

He is now once again seeking to place further controls on guns by executive order.

According to those that have examined what he can do, nothing that he could possibly propose would have prevented any previous attacks in this nation by radical Islamic terrorists or others not associated with ISIS.

Nevertheless, while not disclosing specifics, he is expected to reclassify some of those firearms dealers using a mix of criteria, such as the number and frequency of guns sold, whether sellers profit off sales, whether they advertise, rent space or tables at gun shows and pay taxes.

Furthermore, he has proposed prohibiting sales of guns to those on the no-fly list.  As a side note, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, Ma) was once on the government’s no-fly list.


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