The Globes

Kate Hudson's GlobesHollywood Ca (Storch Report) — From the pale Globes of Kate Hudson to the golden globes of Jennifer Lopez the gowns exposed them well all the way to the navel, I just hope the double-sided tape that were holding them together so there was not a falling out, was easier to take off then put on and that it was not Duct tape.

It was nice to see them show their wears on the Red Carpet, it was Hollywood as usual only visually better.

Oh, the glitz was there once again, those NBC reporters like Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, working the red carpet making more news for themselves then they report.

All the stars posed as only they know how to pose, trying to be human when being as phony as the designer clothes they wear.

Nothing portrays Hollywood as the me generation then those actors that try to be humble, for which they would not get an Academy Award, but might get a Golden Globe.

Everyone seems to accept the award they receive, but do it in behalf of others, but take the Globe home to put on their mantel.

Acting is what they do, but can you tell when it stops and appears to be human?

Real is defined as believable.

Dressing, speaking and acting to be provocative is Hollywood and seems to be portrayed each year at this time in tinsel town’s award’s ceremonies.

It’s but another reason to get drunk, in case you didn’t see the number of champagne bottles on each table.

Oh, if you want to see who won, check elsewhere.  I’m just reporting it the way I saw it, the Globes that is.




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