The Fix Had Been In For Sometime And The Clinton Entitlement Cake Was Already Baked



Las Vegas (Storch Report) — Long before Hillary Clinton announced that she would be a candidate for President of the United States on the Democratic ticket her husband former President Bill Clinton announced that she already had the nomination, and the Super Delegates to the Convention were locked into Hillary’s own perception of entitlement.

And, long before Donald Trump knew how to put the word ‘rigged’ into a sentence dead registered voters were still casting their ballots for Democrats, only to be added  by illegal aliens who couldn’t speak English.  Today there is a record 64.7 million non-English speaking residents in the US and Arabic is the fastest growing language.

However, today ‘rigging’ has taken on a new meaning and has escalated and risen from the grave to a new level of corruption by multiple factions within our society, including our government where the IRS investigates conservative non-profit groups to intimidate them for political purposes.

Hillary and Bill have had visions of power even when they were back in law school, him first and crooked Hillary second.

A two for one deal not sanctioned by ‘we the people’ but by factions of the establishment elitists that cover the backs of those who made it into the good old boy club, whether they be Democrats or Republicans, male or female.

Today we no longer have to charge the main stream media with liberal progressive bias without facts.  It has now been revealed that members of the media, a notoriously cheap — or one might call frugal –  group who are usually on the take for a freebie, contributed more than $400,000 in political contributions to Hillary Clinton, while Donald Trump received $14,000 — 96% to the liberal progressive Democratic and 4% to the conservative Republican.  And often this bias leads the media into posh well paying jobs in government. See ‘The Real Reason ‘Mainstream Media’ Protect Hillary by David Kupelian.

After Hillary lost her first bid for the White House against Barack Obama, she ate crow and accepted Obama’s token appointment as Secretary of State.  What Obama had in mind was devious, because there was no love between the Obama’s and Clinton’s, but the president wanted to preserve, if possible, his legacy of Alinsky style community organizing of progressive liberalism and pass this on to another form of entitlement by naming his successor to be Hillary Clinton.  She was a known follower of Alinsky, having done her senior paper on him while at Wellesley. 

And from then on he had Hillary’s back in government no matter what she did.

And what did she do?

Well, as Secretary of State she collected more frequent flyer miles than employees of a corporation and did little for foreign relations other than pick up photo-ops for her planned run for the presidency.

She did create a private server for her emails, against State Department regulation, because she apparently had something to hide, which President Obama said he didn’t  know about but nevertheless communicated with her over that private server with a pseudonym.

She received some 600 requests from Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens for more security for our outpost in Benghazi, but did nothing, until an Al Qaeda attack took place on 9/11/12 and four embassy personnel were killed including Ambassador Stevens.

The next week she participated in a cover-up with President Obama blaming the attack on a demonstration over a film critical of Allah.  The cover-up failed. It was clear then that the Obama administration had her back and she had his, but obviously no one had the backs of the four embassy workers that died.

Meanwhile, while still at the state department she created a pay for play scheme involving foreign countries who would contribute millions to the Clinton Foundation for political favors Hillary would allegedly execute via private meetings.  These findings came about through WikiLeaks  hacking and dumping of thousands of emails by Clinton’s campaign staff.  From being paupers when leaving the White House, by their own admissions, the Clinton’s somehow amassed a half billion dollars of net worth.

After she left the State department and while a candidate for president she and her husband Bill gave speeches for millions of dollars a pop telling Wall Street what they wanted to hear and the people what they wanted to hear, both messages were different.  The same took place with corporations and their interests. It was the two faces of Hillary where she proclaimed privately that she wanted open boarders and open trade and told people something less ominous. 

A Congressional investigation was called for over her use of a private server while at the State Department and a subpoena was issued for her emails.  She destroyed 33,000 of them, through an acid wash and by putting a hammer to computer’s and smart phones, all of this was done after receiving the subpoena.

The FBI conducted a year-long investigation of these nefarious and obvious criminal activities over Clinton’s private server and email’s.  The week before FBI Director James Comey was to release his recommendation resulting from the investigation to the Department of Justice, a clandestine meeting took place between Bill Clinton, and Loretta Lynch head of the DOJ, at the Phoenix Airport in Arizona to ostensibly discuss family and golf.  Bill was allegedly scheduled to play golf, no one knows with whom nor was there a tee time. The temperature in Phoenix was over 100 degrees, not exactly golf weather.   Clinton waited several hours for Lynch to arrive.  The optics of the meeting looked bad.

A week later Comey delivers all but an indictment of Hillary calling her actions “extremely careless,” but lacking intent. 

A retired FBI special agent wrote an open letter to Comey noting that in July, 2016, a week after the Clinton/Lynch meeting in a plane on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport, the FBI director informed the American people that the investigation of Hillary Clinton was being closed without referring it to a Federal Grand Jury.

The retired special agent said to Comey in an letter,”Strangely, you eloquently laid out enough of the evidence deduced from the investigation to strongly indicate there was abundant evidence uncovered during the investigation and interview of her to not only indict but convict her in Federal Court.  However, you personally re-worded and soft-pedaled the actions she took as Secretary of State describing her actions as “extremely careless” in using a personal email and un-secured server for her communications while Secretary of State.  You rewrote the statute, which is not your job.”

The fix was obviously in, that’s the way the Clinton machine works.  Lynch accepted Comey’s recommendation.

Donald Trump became the GOP nominee, despite grumblings from the establishment elitists growing to a point the likes of Romney, Ryan and the Bush clan became ‘turncoats’ to the standard bearer of the Party leaving the Donald to go it alone.

Trump won the nomination fair and square against some 17 other candidates on a campaign of change v the status quo that Clinton endorsed.

The race between the Donald and Hillary up to this point was close according to the polls, the difference between the two but a margin of error.

But then the Clinton machine dropped its bombshell an 11-year-old tape recording by Trump describing how he treats women, by groping and grabbing them.  He apologized and said it was nothing but locker room talk and that wasn’t who he was or is.

Nevertheless it stuck, unlike the WikiLeak revelations about Hillary which hardly saw the light of day by the left wing mainstream media who is in the Clinton’s machine’s pocket.  The Donald now found himself 7 points behind in the polls. 

And that’s where he is tonight, in Las Vegas to participate in the last of three debates and he still wants to ‘drain the swamp’ of Politics in Washington DC and Hillary wants to carry on with the legacy of the Obama administration and the slowest recovery from a recession in US history.  The economy is phony and jobs are virtually nonexistent.

Little did Trump realize that the fix was in long before the rigging on the sails were set.

The Democrats have always operated with double standards, if they didn’t they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Yes, the cake had been baked a long time ago, the system wins and the people loose.

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