The First Republican Debate With A Cast Of 17 . . . Let The Show Begin


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Cleveland Oh (Storch Report) — There are two tiers of Republican candidates for the first debate this Thursday, all 17 of them making up the largest field in US political history.

The first tier, or the B team of 7, will be the warm-up act at the 5 PM pre-event to be followed by the A team of 10, the headliners at 9 PM.

The warm up act — those with a smaller following than the featured act — are Perry at 2.8%, Jindal 1.6 %, Santorum 1.2 %, Fiorna , Pataki ,Graham and Gilmore all at less than 1 %.

The headliners are Trump at 26 %, Bush 12.6 % Walker 12.4 %, Carson 6.2 %, Huckabee 6.2 %, Rubio 5.8 % Paul 5.6 % Kasich 3.4 % and Christie 3.4 %.

Media pundits might like to portray the event as entertainment, each as you might have seen in the old days of the Borscht belt in the Catskills, beginning with the opening act as a warm up to the headliners.

But what it is, is the process of selecting the next president of the United states — not a sitcom, although it may very well resemble one.

The debate is taking place in Cleveland and will be broadcast by Fox News and it is they that are setting the rules.  Fox has ruled that the 10 candidates who have fared best in an average of the last five polls released before 5 PM today will be admitted to the prime time debate, the others will be relegated to the warm up event, but all will participate.

Trump, also known as ‘The Donald’ has run away from the field based upon the polls with a 26 % lead and is predicted to appear in the main event as the ‘wrecking ball’ while the rest of the field will try to appear presidential.

Asking the questions from Fox News will be anchors Megan Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace.

Let the show begin.




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