The Emperor’s Executive Order

Obama Stumps for Tom Wolf at Temple UniversityWashington DC (Storch Report) — There is no better principal in life than being true to your own self.  This basically means being honest with you, even before you are honest with others.

In other words if you are going to rationalize your being to be something other than who you are, there will be a tendency to con others with this same thought process.

Political correctness has all the principals of being dishonest to soften words and furthermore the more this principal takes hold within our culture, the more likelihood it will be used to erase history.

If it is what it is, to use a cliche I abhor, then we should be what we are, and not try to hide what we were, nor be ashamed of our origin to be politically correct to make it what it is not.

Words can hurt.  We have all been victims of words that have been cast our way that were sent with intent and then we have received words that were passed along in good humor to be funny and we must distinguish between the two. because often the latter is an affectionate jibe.

But to erase the history of what unacceptable terms of today were labels of yesterday for Christians,  Italians, Jews, Polish, Blacks, Spanish, or what it might be today for Muslims, is what it is, because of history.

You can’t remove it by being political correct, no matter how hard you try to soften the words.  How do you take away,  In God We Trust from our currency?  To some that is very offensive.

We are living in a culture of dishonesty, from the Oval Office to the inner cities reaching out to the suburbs of American.

For the most part I believe this is because people are not true to themselves.

I believe this is true with President Barack Hussein Obama, who has been conning himself and unfortunately the public he is suppose to serve with duplicity, mendacity and hypocrisy since he has been Commander in Chief, and perhaps before because of his ideology.

He once said speaking about immigration reform that he must abide by the law, follow the constitution because he was not the Emperor.

Well, here is a classic  example from which I speak, for despite his denial of being more than a president upholding the constitution, Emperor Obama will announce Thursday evening that he will grant amnesty to some five million illegal aliens by executive order.

Is this ‘Political Correctness,’ erasing constitutional history or just ‘politics’ demonstrating a dishonest character of duplicity, mendacity and hypocrisy ?







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