The Donald In140 Characters


The Donald wants to talk to the people in a 140 characters without the filter of the left wing progressive media as he did in his campaign to become president-elect of the United States.

Trump doesn’t need the New York Times to interpret his messages, he has established that he can deliver it in 140 characters without the liberal media putting its spin on it, nor the Obama administration protecting its lame duck divisive legacy with messages from a failed presidency without leaving any coattails for a Hillary Clinton failed run.

He beats the media to the scoop with a tweet, an impromptu press conference and renders them impotent before he even becomes president or Obama has a chance to de-legitimatize him as the president.

The market responds positively to his election before he is inaugurated, he saves jobs, business reduces costs for a new Air Force One and fighter jets and he makes Obama look like the lame duck president he is with tweets over Obama’s negative actions with the UN dealing with Israeli settlements and his sanctions on Russia for alleged interference in hacking the US elections.

Trump has achieved more out of office than Obama has in, and he is not yet president.

He is an unorthodox non-politician-businessman that a nation elected and the people and the media must adapt to.

It is as refreshing as the electorate called for!


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