The Dems Should Fear Rubio V Clinton



Cleveland OH (Storch Report) — As the dust settles from Fox’s docudrama Thursday under the guise of a debate, the Democratic Party should fear the day their anointed and privileged one Hillary Clinton has to face Marco Rubio in a setting of one on one.

The young articulate, first generation Cuban Senator knows what poor is, what middle class is, what it’s like to be $100,000 in debt from college loans as compared to the faux poor claims of the perceived entitled Queen awaiting her coronation.

To be fair it is difficult to seriously shine, least of all be presidential, while in a three act circus as one buffoon of a Clown is drawing the attention in the center ring and the hosts of the circus are shinning the light on him.

Yes we all know I am talking about Trump, who even out Trumped himself Thursday, if that’s possible with the help of Fox News.

Nevertheless Rubio did himself well, he was articulate as usual, he was to the point and with depth on meaningful subject matter, as compared to the boisterous superfluous clown delivering surface water-bug messages in the center ring that might resonate with the likes of a construction worker in Manhattan who is looking for the next mini-skirt with legs to gawk at during a walk by.

On immigration, Rubio said:

“Let me set the record straight on a couple of things.  The first is, the evidence is now clear that the majority of people coming across the border are not from Mexico. They’re coming from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,” he said.  “Those countries are the source of the people that are now coming in its majority.  I also believe we need a fence.  The problem is if El Chapo builds a tunnel under the fence, we have to be able to deal with that, too.  And that’s why you need an e-verify system and you need an entry-exit tracking system and all sorts of other things to prevent illegal immigration.”

In framing his candidacy against Hillary, he said:

“If I’m our nominee, how is Hillary Clinton going to lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck?”  Rubio said in one of his biggest applause lines.  “How is she going to lecture me about student loans?  I owed over $100,000 just four years ago.  If I’m our nominee, we will be the party of the future.”

Rubio as the nominee, like no other Republican candidate, would clean Grandma Hillary’s Clock and while she might be on the same stage she would be in a different time zone.







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