The Art Of The Trump Deal With The Clintons


Trump and ClintonNew York (Storch Report) — The families met with each other at the Trump Tower for the deal of the century.

The invitation was offered by the Donald. Who were they?  The power brokers of America, The Trumps and The Clintons.

It was held in the Trump Penthouse.  Drinks and appetizers were served.

The Donald opened the meeting, and did so by announcing that he was going to be blunt and brief.

He said, “I’m willing to be the spoiler of the Republican Party by running for president on the GOP ticket to ensure that Hillary Clinton becomes the next president of the United States. I promise I will be a distraction.”

There was laughter.

“Furthermore,” he said “I’m willing to run as an Independent if I am not the GOP nominee.  I will be a spoiler of the Party until Hillary wins.  I have $10 Billion standing behind this deal.”

The Donald captured his audience with his brief, blunt remarks.

There was a buzz in the room.

“Now,” he said, “here is the deal it comes with a quid pro quo.

“I want carte blanche with respect to White House access, connections to domestic and foreign influence in my deals and a relationship that respects my contributions to Hillary’s success.

“I will not go any further into the details, I will suggest that our people work out the particulars.  Think about it, and for now let’s enjoy the evening and socialize.”

The Donald, Bill and Hillary quickly joined in a discussion over drinks and their kids did the same.

A few weeks later the deal was made.

The Donald announced his candidacy and you are now witnessing Trump play out ‘The Art of The Deal.’ 




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4 Responses to The Art Of The Trump Deal With The Clintons

  1. norman says:

    Trump is the gift that keeps on giving for stand up comics and late night talk shows. He’s given Jon Stewart the best retirement present imaginable. The Republican debates should be televised on Comedy Central and a laugh meter should be use to determine the winner.
    As a matter of fact you should declare for the Republican nomination. You could do your Obama/Hillary, Alinsky, communist to socialist, community organizer shtick.
    Too bad the Borscht Belt is no more. You would have been big at Grossinger’s.

  2. Don Storch says:

    Your comments brought back some memories. I did ‘play’ the Borscht Belt, Basketball and golf, with my Jewish friends. Jerry Lewis also ‘played’ the Borscht Belt with his vaudeville parents as a kid. He was 7 years ahead of me in grammar school went on to be a cheer leader at Irvington HS, I went on to play baseball at the same school. He was once told by his grammar school principal that he wouldn’t amount to anything, so much for political correctness of the times and historical incorrectness. I didn’t know anything about Alinsky in those days, they were innocent times, least of all what followers were to come in the names of Obama and Clinton which would prove to be the bane of the country in the 21st century.

  3. norman says:

    I’m sure Jerry Lewis made the rounds of the Catskills, but he was most closely associated with Brown’s Hotel in Lake Sheldrake where there was a Jerry Lewis Theater in the hotel. He had been friends with the owners prior to his Dean Martin days.
    I remember Grossinger’s but never went there. I did go to Kutsher’s which attracted the best basketball players of that time. The Maurice Stokes Benefit game attracted a large following. I wasn’t at that level, but we did have some good games.

  4. Don Storch says:

    Interesting that you should mention Maurice Stokes, we played against St. Francis in college. He was probably one of the most graceful basketball players I ever witnessed. Very sad what happened to him.

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