The Administration Of Scaramouche



Washington DC (Storch Report) — There is a trend taking place in the United States and globally with the current events of terrorism and the rhetoric of words now evolving around the 2016 presidential elections, the people of the United States are all of a sudden looking for a Commander in Chief to lead America

It is understandable why, President Obama has not lived up to being President of the United States nor has he fulfilled being the Commander In Chief, and failed to uphold the oath of office to which he pledged to support the Constitution of the United States.

It’s been a sad seven years and we have 14 months left of this administration in dire times.

Personally, I think he is a president who has committed acts of impeachment, and there are multiple actions, counts under which he could be charged.  But let’s be realistic, that’s not going to happen.  After all no one in Washington DC can make anything happen under the current Monarchy, least of all impeachment under the current form of government.

As President Obama said about the ISIS attack in Paris that killed 130 and injured 352, it was a ‘setback.’  However, the unbelievable setback took place in the United States in 2008 when America elected a King to a Democracy, not a leader, a community organizer, that could have prevented the crisis in Paris if his primary goal wasn’t to destroy the United States.

He promised Hope, but didn’t deliver it; he promised Change and delivered it; consistently delivering globally mia culpa’s  for America’s good deeds.

I guess I will never understand the man called Obama, who constantly looks like the weaker of all worldwide leaders and is called such, a man who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but consistently never lets a crisis go to waste for his own political advantage.

Obama is not even a mentor to his Court, when Queen Hillary Clinton was called Secretary of State she was part and parcel of a cover-up and lied about a film causing the deaths of four State Department employees, including the ambassador to Libya.

The Queen is now running for President and for a second time looking for her coronation as another progressive liberal picking up where Obama left off.

I think the United States needs a President of the United States and a Commander in Chief, not one or the other.

Now there is that Knight in the King’s court called John Kerry who operates as Secretary of State who succeeded Queen Hillary. He believes that there was a ‘rational’ for the ISIS Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris as compared to the recent attacks in Paris, which he subsequently walked back, but originally said.  This is the Obama Secretary of State that negotiated the Iran deal to give them the bomb.

You know, the Vietnam Swift Boat sailor that negotiated medals for himself then turned them in as an anti-Vietnam protester along with Jane Fonda.

Yes, this is the same sailor that in private life has a multi-million dollar sailboat named Scaramouche, the definition of which means skirmisher also known as a stock clown character of Italian commedia dell’arte.

Yes, it fits, this is the administration of the Clowns.














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