The 2016 Election Campaign Is In The Toilet


Kasich & Cruz

Philadelphia, Pa (Storch Report) — Saunders pulls out the Lewinsky bullying card on Hillary and her husband Bill; Cruz dresses the Donald in Hillary’s pants suits and then says he couldn’t get in the ladies room; Kasich and Cruz collude to defeat the Donald in the primaries by playing a chess game together against Trump and the Donald tells the nation the whole thing is a freaking rigged election and corrupt.

Oh, and Koch, one of the billionaires conservative brothers, said Hillary might be the best candidate of all of them.

This all took place over the weekend in case you were snoozing or watching a ballgame.

If all of this wasn’t so serious while President Obama was traveling around Europe saying his last goodbyes, I would suggest to Saunders that he take this act on a Twilight Zone tour of the Borscht circuit and make some money for himself.

Somehow no matter whatever Trump says it can’t hurt him and now his opponents are serving up softballs and I don’t even think they know it.

Collusion correlates to corruption in most fields of business, as Trump points out, but not in politics; it is a felony in all other walks of life and you go to jail.

Whether or not Cruz and Kasich realize it or not they are in the court of public opinion and are being judged and their admitted act of collusion has handed the Donald his Trump card, or Checkmate.

After all, the public’s perception is reality and they will be the final judge. 


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