Beheading in US

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Terrorism by its definition is meant to create fear by perpetrating violent acts for religious, political or ideological goals.  And, there appears to be an abundant of these acts taking place in recent years on a global basis.

Terrorism does not abide by boundaries, or rules and is indiscriminate.  There is an old adage that says you shouldn’t get into a mud wrestling match with a pig . . . because the pig loves it.

Or, you shouldn’t get into a pissing contest with a skunk.

Nevertheless sometimes you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and you have to play the game the way in which the cards are dealt.

Somehow it seems to me that the Obama Administration can’t even play the game the way in which it should be spoken.  In other words if you want to be understood, to use another cliche, you should call a spade a shovel . . . and to borrow another word this administration used, it should be “ready,” like in “shovel ready.”

The terrorism the world is facing is being delivered via two strategic elements: violent acts and propaganda. 

And we do not seem to be doing very well with one of these elements — propaganda.  As for the violent acts we have the military might to deal with that element, but it is questionable that we have the strategy, especially when we announce what it is before we execute it.

Words are powerful in forming coalitions, support and delivering sustained messages of information to the people of America who have the right to know under the constitution.

However, it is not President Obama’s forte when it has to do with foreign policy, words seem to get in the way of each other even when they are on teleprompters.

When Obama is running for office or fund raising, his words seem to resonate with his choir.

I remember shortly after he gave the order to the Navy Seals to kill Osama bin Laden, as though he pulled the trigger, he announced Al Qaeda was on the run, “decimated,”  and now there are these other names that we seem to know little about, like Khorasan, in some quarters, but in others we seem to know more and when we knew,  is like an Abbott & Costello skit of “Who’s on First.”

Al Qaeda seems to be now taking a back seat to ISIS, which Obama calls ISIL, the new corporate enterprise with all the Billions available to fight, while these former spinoffs of terrorism fade into the background.  For example what happened to the Taliban?  Are they only in Afghanistan, and that splinter group, an affiliate of Al Qaeda, in Benghazi that killed the US Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, all of which was attributed to a protest over a film according to Obama. It may be important to know who the Corporate enterprise is, but it is also important to know that it can morph into a single cell of many more, or into a single person of one that carries out the Jihad.

Perhaps there are politics going on within the structure of terrorism as it goes on in the United States within a Democracy, but our policy has compassion for, and puts  humanity, as the first priority, not terror.

ISIS, or is it ISIL, seems to have the power, because it has been disclosed it has the money.

Words, messages, names, have meanings and we the nation with more propaganda expertise than any other nation globally can’t use them properly? 

Sure doesn’t make any sense to me other than it’s all being tied up in domestic politics at the price of a woman being beheaded today in Oklahoma by a fired Muslim in a work place environment who was trying to convert co-workers to Islam, who was shot by the CEO of the company after he stabbed another women.

I don’t hear President Obama nor Attorney General Eric Holder prematurely crying from the rooftops tonight about racism as they did in Ferguson Mo., when the beheading was allegedly committed by a black converted American Muslim?

Isn’t this “workplace violence” as it was in the Jihad massacre in Ft. Hood?  Or is it something else?  All the facts are not in but in the Ferguson case and the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, the administration made its position known, perhaps before it should have.

Where is our Intel?  Shouldn’t we know the enemies name? I know they do not wear uniforms.  But shouldn’t we profile them, they have names of alphabet soup, beards of rug merchants, dark faces, a towel on their heads, a sheet on their back and sandals on their feet.  I know this ID is not politically correct, but Americans are being beheaded by these people and are they all, “radical Islamist’s,” as we select to call them?

When it comes to the security of the people of the United States, for which our Commander in Chief has no higher responsibility, shouldn’t President Obama be transparent with his words and call a spade a shovel and not be duplicitous? 

Well, I happen to think so.









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