Ted Cruz, Mr. Popularity, Lives Up To Image


Ted-Cruz The Joker

Cleveland Oh (Storch Report)  — As disingenuous, classless Ted Cruz was wrapping-up his speech before the RNC last night failing to endorse Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, a crescendo of boos was developing to a decibel level of embarrassment for the senator as he exited the stage he wished he never entered.

Mr. Popularity, Sen. Cruz is not, not in the Congress among his colleagues nor among the Delegates of the GOP, as he found out last night.

He looks and behaves much like the Joker in Batman.

He is not a team player and the Trump campaign staff should have recognized this long before he was invited to speak at the RNC .

Mendacity prevailed with Cruz to the point that Trump labeled him ‘lying Ted,’ during the primary debates.

However it was the second fopa of the week for the Trump campaign, the first being the plagiarism charges dealing with Melania Trump’s speech and the second inviting Cruz to speak in the first place.

They are not setbacks for Trump, but Cruz’s lack of an endorsement for Trump may have done irreparable harm to his own political career when he behaved as a child-like sore looser.

Before departing the stage as the Joker among resounding boos, he asked the GOP to  ‘Vote their conscience,’ which is hypocritical in itself, for it’s something he himself doesn’t have.















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