Taking The War On Terror To The Enemy

London (Storch Report) – The West must coalesce, go on the offensive, as in an act of war, and take Jihad to the enemy identified as extreme Islamic terrorists.





‘Enough is Enough?’

If this means rounding up suspected terrorists working in behalf of Jihad and detaining them, as in World War II, so be it.

It is time to go on the offensive and prevent the terrorist act proactively rather the defensively for the latter is not working.  To roundup terrorists after people have been killed injured and maimed is pure failure of political leadership and poppycock rhetoric.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, of the United Kingdom says, ‘enough is enough’ – whatever those empty words mean – and goes on to say, there is ‘far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.’  If that means ‘political correctness,’ she might be on the right track.

However, empty words from politicians are meaningless without words followed by action and supported with legislation that addresses the cause and the ultimate objective of providing safety for the citizens of these Western nations.

It is long past the time for a coalition of nations to go on the offense while maintaining a strong defense.

If the 9/11 attacks on the United States was not a seminal moment and message to the world – and apparently it was not – perhaps political correctness is the enemy and not extremists Islamic terrorists executing Jihad.




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