Taco Bell Casts-Off The Elderly In Super Bowl Ad

Taco Bell

I guess the demographic audience for Taco Bell products tails off after the age of 50, that’s when you’re eligible for membership in AARP and the return to the bottom line for Taco products apparently diminishes the older a person gets so it appears that the geezer is fair game to make fun of when they are no longer useful to the corporation’s profits.

This is the image Taco Bell projected in its Super Bowl commercial, copying  a scene from the movie Cocoon to portray senior citizen behavior, but the flick was funny and in good taste, the Taco Bell ad was not.

It was insulting, degrading and disgraceful to our senior citizens suggesting a lack of respect and ignoring the inevitable the copy writers who prepared this script might face if they are fortunate to make it to the age of the people they were glibly making sick fun of.

It apparently appealed to the young when it was mocking senior citizens who were probably asleep at the time the commercial aired.

In this ad a group of young-at-heart grandpas and grannies sneak out of a nursing home for a night of reveling, getting tattoos on their back, appearing bombed on the top of cars in costumes, carousing in swimming pools, acting like children partying hard and fast like a bunch of mischief-makers before ending the night at — where else? — Taco Bell.

This ad would never run in Japan, where the nation reveres and respects the elderly, rather than making fun of their infirmities.

Instead of knocking the elderly that Taco Bell has apparently written-off and is disrespectful of, imagine the opportunity they are missing by not appealing to the senior citizen’s love of hot spicy food slipping through our porous borders from Mexico and doing a cooperative marketing effort with the manufactures of the purple pill Nexium suggesting those over 50 take one before visiting Taco with the assurance of free after dinner mints of Tums to avoid esophageal reflux.

Another idea might be for Taco to introduce soft chips for the elderly to prevent broken dentures.

And lastly Taco might consider recommending seniors take  a dose of Imodium before tucking back in at the nursing home after a night of parting to prevent Montezuma Revenge.

I guess the days of attacking penguins and mocking dwarfs from being used as bowling balls are over and it is now fair game on the elderly. So much for the growing trend of political corrrectness.






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