Swamps Are More Productive Than Congress

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Since Donald John Trump became president there has been a lot of banter about swamps, even I wrote a book on, ‘Snakes in the Swamp, the first 100 Days.”

However, swamps are more productive than Congress and the rich collection of wildlife within get along better together than congressmen or senators.

Perhaps swamps are getting a bad rap, and we’re attempting to get rid of the wrong varmints from within the proverbially metaphor we are calling a swamp.

Liberals should be aware, if they are not, that swamps are a source of fossil fuel – coal.  It is formed from plants that died millions of years ago.  And, for centuries, coal has been burned and used as fuel, and thanks to Trump it is being used once again.

There are two types of swamps, fresh water and saltwater.  According to National Geographic the freshwater swamps between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the Middle East are known as “Fertile Crescent,” where wildlife was abundant, agricultural opportunities existed and communication and trade fostered technological development, and is recognized as the birthplace of civilization and the site of first cities.  The earliest recorded written language and the first recorded use of the wheel occurred around these swamps.

Historians say DC was built on a swamp, I wonder what happened to the language and civilization here, because it no longer seems to be civil or related to a King? I know the wheel is in use, because the same corruption comes around again and again.

Back in the 20th century there was a comic strip that ran from 1949-1975 and it was created by writer and artist Walt Kelly and it satirized American politicians.

Kelly built his strip around the Georgia section of the Okefenokee Swamp and the column was called “Pogo,” an opossum. He went after politicians like Sen. Joseph McCarthy as a character called, “Simple J. Malarky” and President Lyndon Johnson and instead of calling him the Lone Ranger, he was, “The Loan Arranger.”

Pogo’s characters were animals native to the Okefenokee Swamp: alligators, owls, skunks and of course Pogo.

As the story goes, during the first Earth Day, in 1971, Pogo looked out on his garbage-infested swamp home and sighed, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

This is how I sometimes feel about ‘we the people.’  I think we are getting rid of the wrong varmints in the DC swamp, instead of the progressive obstructionists that thwart progress, but turn the wheel of corruption so that it’s constantly on replay, supported by a left-wing press that no longer knows how to do its job in behalf of the people and the liberties it was granted under the Constitution.

Yes, the enemy appears to be us.

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