Storch Report Selects Super Bowl Ad Winners

Budweiser pup adArizona (Storch Report) —  I reviewed 38 Super Bowl ads, some of which were Gorilla marketing stunts capturing attention by cheating and inflating the promotion of their products outside of the rules and I will not promote such practices out of NFL principals, but I did select four ads worthy of your attention this Sunday.

Coming in first was the lost dog Budweiser commercial with a puppy and four Clydesdale horses — those horses seem to work every year and when you add a pup how can you go wrong.

In second place was Carl’s Jr natural hamburger ad with model Charlotte McKinney in her all natural or nearly naked prancing through a farmer’s market while eyes devour her and she devours a Carl’s Jr burger; sex sells, especially with a hamburger.  Did you notice the burger?

And, to follow-up with that premise, the Victoria Secret ad — not the one with girls playing football, they can’t — the sexy lingerie ad where they make better moves in delicate bras and panties than on the football field in uniforms, came in third.

Coming in fourth was No More . . . Domestic Violence, a powerful 911 message.  I’ll bet the NFL had something to do with this one, without deflating a point?

There are some other ads that are worthy of mention: BMW’s electric car was rather quiet; Mercedes, using sex is not as classy as their cars; Pretty Woman was better than Mindy Kaling’s Nationwide ad; Skittles teaser ad too short to taste; Lobby Hobby’s ad needs a new horse; Pizza Hut showed a rather crusty low blow and T Mobile with Kim Kardashian displayed what you might expect, curves.

If I didn’t mention your commercial, well it didn’t make the cut.






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