STORCH REPORT: Rubio’s Running And If The GOP Has Any Common Sense He Will Be The Candidate

Rubio says I DoNew York (Storch Report) — “I owe a debt to America, and if I can have the privilege of serving in the highest office that’s what I want to do.”

With that comment last night on Fox News,’  “The Five,” Marco Rubio, in effect announced his candidacy for president of the United States which he will make official in Miami on April 13th.

A first-generation immigrant whose parents fled Cuba, Rubio could make history as the nation’s first Hispanic president, a son of a maid and bartender who worked his way through law school and now sits as a Senator in Congress.

Rubio has said he would not run for both the office he holds as Senator and for the President in 2016.

Although the Republican field is not yet complete with its abundance of candidates, Rubio is my candidate of choice, the horse that presents conservatives with the best chance to bring America out of the depths of a negative sense of mental depression — both domestic and foreign — that the Obama Administration has served-up as ‘Hope & Change.’

In my opinion, Rubio is the new face of the Republican party for the 21st century; he is bright, articulate with a record in the Senate that the present occupant of the White House failed to accomplish, other than to utter the words ‘present,’ as a Senator.

Rubio, in my opinion, has evaluated, studied, and understands both domestic and foreign policy issues and articulates a direction to correct the failed policies he has personally witnessed in the direction that the Obama administration has taken this country for which Americans are no longer proud.

I see him as a quick study of the issues, a no nonsense take-charge kind of guy who not only has a stake in the country his parents brought him to, but feels a deep obligation to repay the country that provided him with the opportunities for him to achieve.

I see him understanding the issues surrounding immigration, dealing with it fairly and with compassion, especially in a period of time in which it plays such a critical role in terrorism.

The trail to the White House is an arduous one involving a series of primaries, debates, polls, interviews, critical degradation and acclaim, selection and then more of the same to defeat the liberal on the other side of the aisle to uphold the constitution which, I truly believe he understands, is at stake. 

I think Marco Rubio is up to the challenge, and he at this early stage of the race, is who I select to be the candidate in 2016 and the President thereafter.







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