STORCH REPORT — Obama’s promises and policies of change are proving to be a pathway to global destruction

O promising changeWashington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama has globally lost credibility and his promises of change and policies to implement them are proving to be a pathway to global destruction the likes of which individually or collectively, are in my opinion, impeachable offenses in the United States.

Despite the polls which support my contention that this president has lost global credibility, we seem to have an American public that is plastic and impalpable, reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.

Philosophically Obama reignited racism in the United States when it was on a path to wipe out its past blight of discrimination, he injected the sensitivity of political correctness, to the degree people lose jobs for expressing an opinion, a violation of the first amendment, and with his wife Michelle, forced school luncheons on children they won’t eat and created an environment within the Congress that was not only not workable, but was divisive leading to his use of the executive order, thereby creating a dictatorship, declaring himself as King, and not adhering to his oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

Impeachable events?  A few of them, especially, failing to adhere to the pledge he took to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Bear with me, I have a litany of more incredulous acts.  Some of which will resonate with you, because it hit your family and impacted your finances:

Since President Obama took office in 2008, there are fewer jobs and at a lower pay scale.  In fact 11,472,000 are without jobs to this day.

Obamacare, is an unequivocal disaster.  The president delivered a plethora of lies and broke the law repeatedly with executive orders of exemptions resulting in extraordinary taxpayer expense and soaring health care costs.

Obama lost retirement funds of the public with his redistribution of wealth policies.  He promised to help the middle class, but put them in a lower class.

Welfare and food stamps have reached a record high, there is an increase in disability payments now equal to that of Cuba.

America lost its credit rating, his cash for clunkers program cost $1.4 million for every job it created.

Obama bungled the BP oil cleanup in the Gulf driving up gas prices and then doing further damage by blocking the Keystone pipeline.

He lied to the people when he told them if they made less then $250,000 in salary they wouldn’t have any tax increase and then socked it to business by creating regulations that now cost them $46 Billion a year.

Taxpayers lost $25 billion in bailouts, he took our national debt to $11 Trillion, up by $7 trillion over the previous president he bashed.

His NSA operation spied on Americans, his CIA spied on the Senate, his IRS audited the GOP during an election campaign, and his Veterans administration provide poor health care to our soldiers.

Obama ignored the intimidation by the Black Panther organization of whites at voter poling places by not pressing charges by the Justice Department.

He perpetuates voter fraud by not requiring ID’s, when everything else Americans do requires proof of identification.

Obama dummies down education.

He conducted an illegal war in Libya, he called the Ft. Hood massacre of 13 soldiers slain while terrorist Hasan was yelling Allahu Akabar, ‘workplace violence.’

Obama releases 5 Taliban terrorists held in Gitmo, three of which are working their way back to the battlefield, for Sgt Bergdahl, now an accused Army deserter.

Four Americans died in an outpost in Benghazi, including the Ambassador to Libby, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama stood before the American public and said it was due to a demonstration over an American film critical to Muslims, which it was not.  It was a cover-up by the administration.  No one even knows where the president was on the night it was taking place and no one in DC took action to defend those under attack.  We now know it was an al Qaeda attack.  The incident could very well preclude Hillary Clinton from once again trying to be president, because of her self inflicted email scandal and wiping Benghazi emails, and others, from her personal server.

Meanwhile Russia annexed Crimea and Obama did nothing; he pulled troops out of Iraq and created ISIS; created the Dream Act for illegals in the US, by passing Congress, and refusing to deport illegals further putting Americans in harms way as a result of terrorism, not to mention him feeding guns to Mexican cartels.

Obama is now destroying what presidents before him worked to cultivate — foreign allies.  He is well on the way to destroying our closest Allie in the Middle East Israel, by trying to negotiate a Nuke deal with Iran — an enemy to many including the US. He is doing the same with Syria, Egypt, Russia and there are serious questions among our European allies.

Who negotiates with an enemy, least of all one who has proven to be untrustworthy.  America has been known to negotiate with strength; with Obama America is negotiating from weakness because of the very polices he implemented as King.

Obama has taken the world to the brink of World War III in the Middle East, creating a Nuclear race for the bomb, while he has reduced US military strength and its forces to the levels of World War II.

Pick your impeachable offense, individually or collectively.

Even President Nixon didn’t erase his Watergate tapes.

Americans, with this evidence at hand should be more than an impalpable piece of plastic.











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