STORCH REPORT — America Knows It Can’t Trust Iran; Does It Know It Can’t Trust Obama?

Barack ObamaWashington (Storch Report) — We couldn’t trust President Obama with health care.

We couldn’t trust him on Benghazi.

We couldn’t trust Obama to not spy on us.

We Couldn’t trust him or his IRS to not target his political opposition.

We couldn’t trust Obama on immigration.

We couldn’t trust him to unite rather than divide, even in Congress.

But now he asks us to trust him on the framework of what he calls ‘a good deal’ with Iran to prevent them from building a nuclear bomb.

Obama seemingly presents the ‘framework’ of his deal as his rightful legacy to the Nobel Peace Prize, which he received but didn’t earn.

He tells us the option for the ‘framework’ of a deal is ‘good deal,’ the option being war in the Middle East.

Once again you can’t trust Obama’s rhetoric.  There are other options short of war.  There is something called a better deal, supported by stronger sanctions against Iran, dealing from strength rather than weakness, the latter of which is the basis upon which the deal Obama is touting is based.

We know from history Iran can’t be trusted, UN inspections on their nuclear activities have consistently been thwarted.  What makes anyone think it’s going to be better?  Iran has been designated globally as a state sponsoring terrorism. “Trust but verify,” has not worked in the past what makes anyone think it’s going to work in the future with Iran?

We can expect more of the same from Iran, but is it equally true that we can expect more of the same from Obama, especially when he tells us there are no other options but war?

This ‘framework’ of a deal, is not a deal – yet!

And, it is not a good deal.  If what Obama outlined today is in fact a signed treaty, it will lift sanctions on Iran as early as June which will pour $10’s of millions of dollars for them to pursue the bomb and there will be no snapping-back those sanctions globally.

Furthermore the framework of this deal does not close any existing nuclear facility in Iran.  Their entire nuclear operation will stay in place and within a period of 10 years can once again be up and running to produce a nuclear bomb, and do so within one month.

It will promote a nuclear race for the bomb in the Middle East.

We found out today that foreign terrorists have increased by 71 %, most of which is supported by Iran and while Obama would like us to believe the current escalation of terrorism is not a religious war of Islam or Muslims, to which he is more than sympathetic, 150 Christians were killed today by al-Schabbab, allied with al-Qaeda in Kenya, a massacre during Easter week.

While the specifics of this ‘framework’ of a deal are missing, Obama seemed to be taking a victory lap and promising Iran the Rose Garden, from which he spoke, to buttress his legacy.



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  1. Barbara Allen Meyer says:

    I was just reading an article you wrote about the Rex Theater in Irvington, N.J. I, too, was an avid movie goer at that very theater during those very years you were there. I was nine years old when WWII broke out. Notice my e-mail. Where did I get that? Of course… Seeing The Wizard of Oz in 1939 at the Rex Theater.

    Jerry Lewis was an usher there, just a few years ahead of me and my friends in age, but definitely demonstrating his buffoonery (in a good way) even then.

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