Squaw Warren To Mobilize ‘Nasty Women’



New Hampshire (Storch Report) —  The left wing media reported yesterday that Sen Elizabeth Warren ‘hammered’ Donald Trump for his remarks about women, predicting that “nasty women” will mobilize to elect Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth came straight off the reservation with her tomahawk, shedding her traditional garb, to don a matching blue jacket that Hillary was wearing, with the objective to mobilize ‘nasty women’ for an all out attack on the Trump Fortress.

“Nasty women are tough.  Nasty women are smart.  And nasty women vote . . .  We nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you (Trump) out of our lives forever,” Squaw Warren said at the battleground state of New Hampshire.

“He thinks that because he has money that he can call women fat pigs and bimbos.  He thinks because he’s a celebrity that he can rate women’s bodies from 1 to 10. He thinks that because he has a mouth full of Tic Tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance,” Squaw Warren asserted.

Perhaps she is a descendant of an Indian tribe, which she claimed. 

As the rally subsided, one could still hear the war drums of ‘nasty women’ in the distance.

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