Something’s Wrong With This Picture


ObamaphonesWashington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama pulls the US military out of Iraq, Afghanistan . . .  creates the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, replacing Al-Qaeda . . . draws a line in the sand with President Assad of Syria over the use of chemical weapons, erases the line . . . negotiates a deal with Iran, which should have been a treaty, giving them the bomb in a set period of time, Congress gives Obama a pass on the deal . . . Russia builds-up its military in Syria in support of Assad, Obama caught off guard with no plan . . . refugees pour out of Syria into the rest of the world and Putin tells Obama he better talk before some ‘unintended incident’ happens.

This is a thumb-nail sketch of Obama’s foreign policy — not a pretty picture — but a legacy he will leave for someone else to clean-up.

And now we have it on good authority, Obama will allow 10,000 refugees from Syria into the United States, allowing Islamic ISIS terrorists to be intermingled among the Syrians, putting Americans at risk before he moves on to his agenda of global warming.

Meanwhile on the domestic front there appears to be overwhelming bi-partisan support building for the ‘Donald’ as in ‘Trumping’ the field for President in 2016.

And if it occurs, it will be an historical — if not hysterical — re-bound the likes of which most divorces don’t see nor survive.




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  1. gml says:

    Yup, things certainly seem like they could be on their way to reaching “critical mass”

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