Social Media A Superficial Culture

Social Media

Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) — I have been thinking about writing about this for sometime, perhaps since Al Gore invented the information highway which we haven’t heard much about lately while he is expending carbons in his jets traveling the globe to promote global warming.

I like the Internet, it’s my hobby, better than golf.

I don’t come away from the Internet pissed the way I used to come away from the golf course and it cost me less, at least for now, before Obama’s Internet neutrality proposal.

I see the Internet as an opportunity for participatory democracy, an opportunity to express your opinion and perhaps influence others, whether they be individuals, government or society for improvement.

Because I don’t want to bore you and I am convinced that short political statements are best delivered in brief talking points, that is what I’m going to do when it comes to my beliefs of the Social Media :

  • It is a media of political correctness.
  • A media of banality and trivia
  • A media equivalent to Kenny Gees elevator music
  • A media of little concern of consequential happenings
  • A media that doesn’t engage in a participatory democracy
  • A media that has little influence over others
  • A feel good culture
  • A head in the sand mentality
  • A media with the most friends and likes for all the wrong reasons
  • A media of easily influenced participants
  • The culture of venues that presents a difference of cultures and behavior
  • Proof that we love to be loved
  • An escape from face to face relationships
  • It’s easy
  • No need to buy a card of friendship and use snail mail which is a more meaningful form of communications
  • No need to meet with a friend at your favorite watering hole
  • A reason to stay in your Corporate office, with your exercise ball, treadmill and standup desk
  • A reason to drink water, eat tofu & be a bore
  • A media to get likes, to be liked
  • The more likes, the more friends, the greater potential to win, they are like those with the most toys of yesterday
  • Had the Fascists of the 30’s with their imagery of the time had today’s social media network, the Nazis might be ruling the world today

Gee, after being who I am, participating in a democracy, which I see few doing and expressing opinions of their beliefs, I hope I am not losing the few ‘friends’ I have because I don’t want to be a winner of the ‘likes’ and collect meaningless friends.  I just want to express my right to say what I believe, and hope you do too. 

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2 Responses to Social Media A Superficial Culture

  1. gml says:

    No, I am sure you are not “loosing friends”. I believe that you have made some very good points about social media. Especially the one questioning what would the out come of the Fascist and the Nazi regimes have been had they had social media! It was when the last IS terror video was placed on the media that I thought ” How did technology intice the world to such macabe profanity?”
    “What would the Third Reich have done? Posted the genicide of the Jews?”
    You are correct social media has its benefits, just like the splitting of the atom. But it has its vulgar and darkside just like the nuclear bomb.
    You are right society via social media has really become less social and more shallow. The true meaning of count you friends has taken on a new definition!
    Now I am worried. Will this post get an up or down thumb???
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Don Storch says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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