‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ “Book Packs A Punch With A Passionate Point Of View,” Says Gasparilla Magazine


Boca Grande (Storch Report) – The Gasparilla Magazine calls Don Storch’s book ‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ “a book with punch” . . . that, “uses both emotion and facts to make vivid points about President Trump.” 

Storch says in his book, “‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ come in the form of bureaucrats, Republicans, Democrats, spies in the form of the FBI, CIA, NSA, lobbyists, consultants, friends, politicians – who make for strange bedfellows -and any other varmint living within the metropolitan radius of Washington DC, such as the media.”

He goes on to say, “not all are reptiles, but there are enough from within to turn a non-politician, businessman into ‘Crocodile Dundee.'”

During an interview with Jonathan Herbert, an award-winning writer, Storch responded to a question as to how influential is negative news on President Trump?

He said, “Negative news is not as influential on President Trump personally as much as it is a distraction to his agenda.

“But having said that, his accomplishments have been extraordinary under the circumstances, while lacking the cooperation of his own party.

“The negative news by the left wing media has been continuous and sustained, hardly a day goes by where Trump isn’t the focal point, even to the pettiness of a 10-year-old mowing the White House lawn and the New York Times raising child labor laws as a criticism of Trump.”

Storch cited Trump’s accomplishments as having created a business climate that has improved the economy, provided jobs, all of which is a positive environment that has allowed the stock market to flourish, noting that unemployment is at its lowest level in 16 years.

Trump, Storch said, strengthened the military and has taken action against enemies that is now respected globally.

He was asked if Obama will ever support Trump and do you believe he should?

“Obama will never support Trump,” Storch asserted. “Obama comes from the elitist mold that makes-up the DC Swamp of Republicans, Democrats and Socialists.  Trump doesn’t need Obama, his support would be a negative to the populist movement.”

Herbert noted that Storch compared Trump to a salmon swimming upstream avoiding grizzly bears, he asked do you think the majority of his detractors will change and support their president?

“Trump will always be swimming up stream, he loves it as a businessman and maverick that elitists, progressives, and left wing media love to hate.

“You don’t have to be loved to be a good leader and bring change to a country and people that need it.”

‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ is available on amazon.com.

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