Silence Of The Clinton’s

Hillary & BillNew York — (Storch Report) — The Clinton’s, a rather unsavory, untrustworthy couple, supported by recent polls, who want to be back in the White House once again at any cost while carrying a baggage of scandals in their dossier from Arkansas to the Clinton Foundation, think they can be anointed by coronation as Queen and King of the United States by a lack of transparency through their own self-imposed silence.  They project the arrogance of unmitigated gall and liberal entitlement.

Hillary after a failed try in 2008 against Obama announced another try this year for a presidential bid amidst her own self imposed scandals as a do nothing globe trotting Secretary of State and her self-admitted responsibility for the deaths of four State Department employees in Benghazi including the Ambassador to Libya over which she and the Obama Administration she was working for claimed the cause was a film critical of Allah, not al Qaeda who, in fact, planned and executed the attack.

Nevertheless she launched her presidential bid for president with silence.  She hasn’t talked to the media since she launched her campaign, other than a few planted questions by her staff.

Perhaps she thinks she can dispose of all the questions that surround her individual scandals from Benghazi to Bill’s pay for play speeches which she expedited while Secretary of State, to similar contributions to the Clinton Foundation for favors expected by foreign countries for a quid pro quo in one declarative answer at some point in time down the road.

While claiming when launching her campaign, Hillary declared she and Bill were broke when they left the White House.

Allow me to bring you up to date. 

In the past year the Clinton’s earned $30 million between speeches and a book written by Hillary.

Hillary, since she left the State Department, averaged $200,000 a speech, Bill received $700,000.  The $30 million total in one year does not include other assets, such as homes and investments.

A top Hillary money man quit her campaign for the following lack of transparency:

Benghazi, destroying private email on private server, Clinton Foundation — pay for play, exchange of favors for contributions, speeches by both Bill and Hillary, lack of transparency, and statements that said “there was no shred of evidence of wrongdoing” when the evidence was shredded by the Clinton’s.

A Hillary presidency would take America further left than Obama has taken the nation, providing more entitlements, bigger government, less transparency and a plethora of scandals she would once again claim to be due to a right wing conspiracy.









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