Shoving Joe Out Of The Way, Or Is Biden In The Bullpen As A Closer?


Shoving Joe Out of the Picture

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Optics makes Vice President Biden’s White House Rose Garden announcement that he won’t run for president the day before Hillary testifies on Benghazi look like another duplicitous, distractive cover-up scheme, or then it could be just a move to shove poor Joe, the pawn in a bigger plot, out of the way for the sake of the Party?

As Vice President Joe Biden seemed to say today that he was not a candidate for president because the grieving period for his late son Bo was not over and time has run out for him to enter the race — as President Obama appeared as a bookend on one side and his wife Jill appeared on the other —  but his speech dramatically belied the news of the announcement sounding more like a pre-conceived platform designed campaign stump speech of a candidate, but perhaps resigning himself to the bullpen as the longest unannounced candidate of candidates possible becoming a closer should Hillary stumble and be indicted.

Or, is it but another Obama optical distraction to preserve a legacy from a series of more administration scandals, Benghazi, Emails, etc., etc. ?

Or, it could be the administration knows something Hillary doesn’t?

Then again the Hillary camp does have $33 million in its coffers, a staggering amount to make up for middle-class Joe as a late entry, unless Hillary’s out of the picture?

Or, it could be what Bill, head of the Clinton machine, said some time ago, the fix is in and she has all the delegates to be the Democratic Party nominee. Webb dropped out a few days ago, Biden today, it’s time to coronate the Queen, but she must wait until after tomorrow’s Benghazi hearing to find out, “what difference it makes.”

There were no media questions allowed as the trio departed the Rose Garden to the White House as Obama put his hand on Joe’s back seemingly directing his next move.

Whatever it is or was, it is what it is.  The optics and timing reveal a political fix of some sort or Biden wouldn’t have made his announcement today without serving some political objective.





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