See Something, Say Something, Should Mean Something


Parkland Fl (Storch Report) – Authorities tell us, see something, say something, but if you pass it along to the highest Intel agency in America, the FBI, they may very well do nothing. That’s precisely what happened in the shooting massacre in Parkland Florida.

On multiple occasions the FBI was given tips well before the Parkland shootings, but they failed to properly investigate them, as a result of this act of commission and omission, gave no one the opportunity to possibly prevent the massacre of 17 high school kids and faculty that took place this week at Douglas High School.

This does not give comfort to any American parent who is sending their kids to school daily, least of all to the next of kin of the 17 victims that were mowed down in the prime of their lives.

See something, say something, the widely coined phrase that came into play following 9/11, resulted in our society doing nothing in this incident, perhaps because of laws now on the books preventing authorities from doing what they might have done otherwise.

Many red flags had been raised beyond the FBI tips, by faculty in the school, students, police, and the eventual expulsion from school for disciplinary problems of the confessed killer, Nikolas Cruz, 19, by school authorities, all of which could possibly have prevented this tragedy.

The FBI – already under investigation for the handling of political matters during the 2016 election – described a Jan 5 tip it received from a person close to Nikolas Cruz, reporting concerns about Cruz’s, “gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting,” the FBI said in a statement.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) called the FBI’s failure to investigate the tip “unacceptable” and urged FBI Director Christopher A. Wray to resign.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who is leading the investigation, said he didn’t think anybody could say the shooting could have been averted if the FBI acted on the tip.  He said responsibility for the shooting rests with one person,” make no mistake about it America, the only one to blame for this incident is the killer himself.”

However, with the number of red flags raised and called to the attention of the authorities, many believe the rampage could have been prevented.

Legislation should be introduced and passed by Congress to immediately ban assault-type weapons in the United States, like the AR 15 which the shooter used, and recall them without a grandfather clause.  There is no need for them, other than for military use.

Furthermore, the mental issues surrounding this incident need to be addressed by the authorities, and if laws exist that prevent them from taking action when ‘red flags’ are raised, such as HIPAA compliance, then they should be modified, changed or disbanded allowing authorities to take preventable actions before such a tragedy occurs again.

See something, say something, should mean something.







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