See Something Say Something And The Obama Administration Will Do Nothing


Obama In OrlandoOrlando Fl (Storch Report) — There is growing evidence each and every time radical Islamic terrorists attack America on our very own soil, which began on 9/11, President Obama fails to protect Americans — his primary responsibility.

The administration admonishes citizens to be alert and if we see something, say something and as we have recently witnessed we can be assured the Obama administration will do nothing.

Instead, he provides the nation with a political distraction, calling to restrict the second amendment rights of the constitution and failing to identify the core problem — radical Islamic terrorists.

They have declared war against us, but Obama hasn’t declared war against them.  Perhaps because he doesn’t know who they are?

The worst terror attack in the US since 9/11 took place this week in Orlando Fl where 49 persons were slaughtered by one declared ISIS operative.  Obama’s message to prevent this in the future – restrict guns.

The investigation post-attack was probably more effective than the bungling revealed by the administration that might have prevented the slaughter, similar to what took place in San Bernardino, before the attack because the gunman was identified by the FBI and interviewed on three occasions and then the case was closed ignoring serious evidence to the contrary.

Many citizens saw something in the killer said something about the killer before he became a killer and the Obama administration did nothing.

However, the post investigation allowed Obama to declare that the ISIS operative who executed the massacre was home-grown, with no direction from ISIS, as though this really made a difference — but in his mind it did politically.  It was a lone cell propagated by ISIS and it worked, Obama thinks the cause was an assault rifle, not the terrorist that pulled the trigger.

Sen’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham slammed Obama for his failures in the past seven-an-a-half years against ISIS both in foreign and domestic policy.  They were correct in their assessments.

There is a cultural issue within the administration that appears to be getting in the way of common sense.  So you might say what’s new.  What’s new now people are dying and not for the political cause that Obama sees it as being.  He thinks its gun violence and if we take away the guns it will go away.  No it is war, and he refuses to even identify the enemy while bombing ISIS over there in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He restricts how the US Military fights ISIS in the Mid-East, which he calls ISIL, he limits what the CIA and FBI can investigate here and there, with a go easy policy on Muslims in the US, and even tells Homeland Security to issue a communications directive banning the use of words such as, Jihad and Sharia.

This is an administration that is known not to let a good crisis go to waste politically and we have seen paramount evidence of that this week.

Over the years Obama has proven his anti-American tendencies, apologizing for just about all of America’s accomplishments. However, in a book he wrote entitled, “Audacity of Hope” he revealed on page 261, his true feeling when push comes to shove, “If the political winds should shift, I will side with the Muslims.”  And so he has, be forewarned Americans once again:

As we well know, even more so today, politicians make for strange bedfellows and so as I say facetiously about his good friend, Obama has selected to endorse his ‘good friend’ Hillary Clinton to carry on his anti-American legacy as the next president. 


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