‘Secret Society’ Of ‘Snakes in the Swamp’

Could the ‘Secret Society’ within the FBI be much like the secret society of the ‘Skull & Bones’ at Yale, the forerunner of the CIA, or, perhaps, the Da Vinci Code of the Vatican and the Masons?

It all sounds like what it may very well be, the good old boys trying to keep the establishment the way it’s always been, resisting change, and preventing anyone but one of their own into the club.

In my book, “Snakes in the Swamp,” on the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, my opening salvo was:

” ‘Snakes in the Swamp come in the form of bureaucrats, Republicans, Democrats, spies, consultants, friends, politicians – who make for strange bedfellows – and any other varmint living within the metropolitan radius of Washington DC., such as the Media.  Not all are reptiles, but there are enough from within to turn a non-politician, businessman into ‘Crocodile Dundee.’ “

To this day having written those words then and seeing what is happening now, I wonder who selected me to be a profit.

Bureaucrats run America under the imprimatur of the politicians passing through the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

It appears that the Federal Bureau of Investigation might be more appropriately named today as the Fan Based (bureau of) Investigation, with an anti Trump modus oprendi to defame a president with a hate campaign and an end goal of impeachment.

Five months of texts have disappeared from the files of the FBI by top operatives and lovers, much the way 30,000 of confidential emails disappeared from an illegal server of Hillary Clinton, and the FBI did it without a hammer, and through it all, she was exonerated from indictment for high crimes by FBI Chief James Comey. 

Interesting comparison.

Secret Societies took place in the Catholic Church, once again to preserve an institution under the Da Vinci Code, and yes, at Yale by the “Bones” and the “Bonesmen” to preserve the status quo, known as the establishment, but then again, but not often, an interloper comes along to upset the apple cart.

Enter the Donald.

But then again, we do have a Pope that has attacked ‘Fake News’, much like the Donald, hope prevails.

Now it appears as a result of a memo, that the public hasn’t seen called by some  a ‘bombshell’ by those that have seen it, the top cops in America, the FBI through a ‘Secret Society’, were trying to bring down a candidate/presidency through a coup under the Obama Administration.  Say it isn’t true.

The upper echelon of the FBI seemed to be playing ‘hide the ball.’ Or, is it just another term for ‘cover-up.’

The missing memo which upon much speculation is being propagated is what this essay is about.  It’s about transparency, or the lack thereof.

Today, a record number of economists report the economy is ‘excellent,’ the people in grass roots America are feeling it, the world is feeling it, and Trump will deliver this message in Davos, Switzerland this week.

I’m going to bed now, but before I leave, you must know why I love the old time country western music, the likes of Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison.

It’s because the music was sung with clarity so everyone could understand what was said and the lyrics were written with transparency.

This is something America’s government has failed to achieved.

Good Night!

# # #

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