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Spielberg Home In Hamptons

Somewhere Between China & The Hamptons (Storch Report) — President Obama stops off in Hawaii on his way to the G 20 meeting in China to fight the battle of global warming in Midway, a famous atoll and battlefield in the Pacific and turning point of WWII, then arrives in China only to battle the graciousness of the Chinese government and was nearly forced to deplane Air Force I via an emergency chute.

The Chinese rolled up a stairway to Air Force I which was too short for the height of a 747 to allow people to deplane, which the Chinese could have checked out, had they had the inclination to do so.  I guess short people like short stairways.

The president deplaned from the backdoor, foregoing a red carpet treatment.

Meanwhile, Chinese reps tried to corral White House Staff including Susan Rice, Chief of Staff as well as the media into a designated area of their own resulting in an argument on the tarmac nearly ending in fisticuffs.

“This is our country, this is our airport,” said one government China man, yelling much as they do in defending the building of  seven new Islands over reefs in the South China sea, against international law and passage rights.

Meanwhile, back home, Hillary Clinton, the Dem presidential candidate was in seclusion from the public, the media, refusing them a press conference in 274 days and holding-up for the Labor Day weekend with the swells in Steven Spielberg’s posh home in the Hampton’s. 

In DC the FBI was conducting a traditional Obama administration Labor Day document dump on a Friday revealing more undisclosed Hillary secret emails and disclosing during the interview they conducted with Clinton they had indictable evidence, but not prosecutable, but did reveal that Hillary suffers from a severe medical condition called amnesia.  

Imagine having a president that can’t remember?

This in legal parlance is known as answering a question with the words, “I don’t recall” to avoid committing perjury.

Hillary served up 39 “I don’t recall’s’ during the FBI hastily, un-recorded, un-sworn note-taking interview — or deposition — with one of the most unlikable person in the US.

Yet, Obama who is still dealing with his ‘friends’ in China, calls Hillary the most qualified person to be President of the United States.

What Happened to Al Gore?

I’ll bet Obama left him off in Midway. 







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