Santa O Gives The Ayatollah Of Iran A Bag Of Gifts Only Virginia Would Believe


Obama with bag of gifts for Iran


Washington DC (Storch Report) — Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, he’s not white with a beard anymore, he’s black with speckled white snowflakes in his hair and his name is Obama and he was born in Hawaii, not the North Pole and the Islands there are absent of Reindeer’s so he has to take Air Force One around the world to bestow his gifts.


However, the Ayatollah of Iran sat on Obama’s lap on the beach of Waikki and asked Santa if Iran could inspect their own nuclear facilities and America would accept their findings?

And Santa O said, “Yes, anything to prevent you from getting the bomb and America going to war.”

Even Virginia, who was now grown up from the days she received that Santa letter from a newspaper columnist saying there was a Santa, couldn’t believe the black Santa would grant such a request and was now questioning whether there was a Santa or even someone named Obama.

She thought how could Santa make such a deal with the devil when he himself admitted at the outset that the deal was not based upon trust?

Virginia thought this is much like asking the New England Patriots to inflate their own footballs and trusting that they are at the proper PSI, or asking a student to grade his own test paper and trusting that it is accurate.

It is not uncommon for Santa O to expect Congress nor the people of his Kingdom to buy a pig in a poke.

After all he sold himself twice to the nation, called for bail-outs, Obamacare, military withdrawal from Iraq creating the Islamic terrorist group called ISIS and now hands the American store to Iran and calls it a diplomatic deal better than war.

This is Santa with a black face — because it matters —  with snowflakes in his hair that wants to destroy America for a legacy he wants to believe is good for a place in his Billion Dollar Chicago Presidential Library where black lives don’t seem to matter. 





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2 Responses to Santa O Gives The Ayatollah Of Iran A Bag Of Gifts Only Virginia Would Believe

  1. norman says:

    At first I wrote it off as a delayed jet lag reaction, but after a nice nap I re-read your piece and it was just as weird as before I recharged.
    The one accuracy worth noting is your acknowledging that Obama was born in the U.S. and is an American citizen.
    We can agree that the nuclear deal with Iran is very problematic and it does seem that Obama and Kerry gave in on some critical issues. They sincerely believe it provides necessary oversight. Many knowledgeable people disagree.
    Where you go off the rails is telling Virginia that Obama is allowing Iran to inspect their nuclear facilities. This agreement had nothing to do with Obama. It is an agreement between the IAEA and Iran. Criticize the U.N. You can pick any color you want for Santa. The U.N gives you plenty of choices. As far as the deal is concerned it involves the Parchin sight that hasn’t been used for years. The purpose is to verify past activities. I think you owe Virginia the truth.
    ISIS wouldn’t exist if Bush didn’t get rid of Saddam Hussein, our previous ally, under false pretenses.
    I don’t know what Obama’s presidential library will cost, but these libraries are not funded by the government. If donors are willing to contribute a foundation is set up to manage the project. Do you think it’s too grand for a black santa?
    I’m not sure what “black lives don’t seem to matter”, has any thing to do with a library.
    Finally, if you want to classify our presidents who have made bad decisions by color you will have one lonely black santa.

  2. Don Storch says:

    When did anyone ever tell Virginia the truth or for that matter Obama tell anything to the people but falsehoods from Benghazi to the Iran Nuke deal? It is the president who allegedly serves up fact, while I deal in Satire which is so noted.

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