Rubio’s Announcement To Run For President A Refreshing Contrast To Hillary’s Canned, Contrite Disclousure

Rubio and familyMiami Fl (Storch Report) — Hillary Clinton made a strategic mistake yesterday trying to upstage Marco Rubio.  Tonight he announced his candidacy for president, comparing the old v the new, the past century v the present, the privileged and the powerful v the American Dream and the importance of being grounded in history and trumped Hillary’s attempt to upstage.

I liked what he had to say, I like his freshness and the fact that he feels that he owes America something because of the opportunities it gave him as a first generation American and the opportunities it gave his immigrant parents from Cuba to reach an American Dream for their family.

I like it that he doesn’t come from the privileged and the powerful or from a dynasty of family presidents locked into DC politics and the good old boys and girls club.

I like it that he doesn’t feel privileged or entitled.

He is going to have to work hard for identity, for votes and for money; but I think he is a candidate worth backing to take us forward in this century as well as backward to support the values of our constitution, democracy and capitalistic economic values.  He is for lower taxes, jobs, immigration reform and smaller government, the opposite of the progressive movement we have witnessed in the present Obama administration from which Hillary came from.

We can expect more from Rubio, as witnessed by his announcement, than canned, slick Madison avenue videos and brief Tweets to avoid transparency from the baggage that Hillary carries.

Rubio is a class act, articulate, knowledgeable on both domestic and foreign policies, capable of a debate with any of the potential candidates.  However, does he have the capability to raise the funds to win the Presidency?  Hillary has set her fund raising goal at $2.5 Billion.

She wants $2.5 Billion, which is outrageous, to run for the presidency to be the ‘champion’ for the ‘everyday American’ in her elitist environment of luxurious planes, chauffeur driven cars, presidential suites and the promises of big government and taxes to prove to the Middle Class that she is trying for them, but not one of them.  What dis-ingenuousness, mendacity and hypocrisy.  

It is time for the people to require a set budget for, both the primaries and the presidential election for all candidates to abide by, to level the political playing field in order to elect a president America deserves.  

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