Rubio A Threat To Hillary And DNC, New York Times Confirms

Marco Rubio BookNew York (Storch Report) — The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee tipped their hand early in the game through their mouthpiece the New York Times that Sen. Marco Rubio is a serious threat.

The GOP field for the presidency is so filled with candidates, it is interesting to examine why the New York Times selected Sen Rubio to single out, along with his wife, for traffic violations and Rubio’s alleged financial ineptness.

With all the digging that the Times did with the assistance of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, is this all they could come up with?

Oh, and please prove me wrong that my accusations that the Clinton campaign nor the DNC was not involved in assisting or for that matter planting these negative attacks with the Times.

With some 15 GOP candidates running, it is being seen that Sen. Rubio, although not a leader in the polls at this stage, is being singled out as the primary threat to the Queen’s coronation.

And the attacks by the Times are so frivolous, they consist of 17 traffic violations for the two — 4 by Rubio, 13 by his wife — over a 17 year period.

And when it comes to his financial ineptness, the Times had little to say about his character and ability to pay off all of his college loans as a son of a Cuban immigrant bar tender.

There is more to come, but it was Sen Rubio that the Times chose to attack with mundane negative stories, not Jeb Bush the one who appears to have the coffers to take on the Clinton’s.

Rubio is articulate, knowledgeable on domestic and foreign affairs, young, as compared to his anointed opponent, attractive and a threat to Hillary.

If this is all the Times, the mouthpiece of Hillary and the Dems, have they are going to run into trouble with Rubio. 

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