Rhetoric And Political Discourse Will Not Stop Killings, Only Preventative Actions Will

Pompano Beach Fl (Storch Report) –It is now time to stop political rhetoric and do something to protect our future generations from killings.This means we must intervene prophylactically to prevent tragedies.

With the social media of today, troubled individuals are easily identified as they are in the school systems, K thru 12.

This also applies with adults beyond these years that expose their sick intents on the internet.

Yes, it means that if we see trouble, identify it, say something, identify the individual and allow the authorities to implement a preventive action. 

Beyond this, along with terrorists identified by US Intel and with the aforementioned troubled individuals identified, we should ban by law, those such individuals, from purchasing any form of gun in America. 

Those selling them to such individuals should also be criminally prosecuted.

Now, what I am suggesting most likely violates some civil rights under the Constitution, so be it, for the lives of tomorrow’s generations.

There is an interesting juxtaposition here when US citizens have been and apparently are under surveillance for a variety of reasons, some political, others, because they spoke to some foreign person, yet we can’t identify troubled persons that have the capacity and the wherewithal to carry out, as a terrorist might, the killing of 17 in a Florida High School.

Despite our civil rights, we must take actions to protect our society, especially our future generations from the tragedies that took place in Florida today, otherwise these are the penalties we pay for living in a totally free America.







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