Republican Defectors Are Elitists Politicians Not Team Players


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Washington DC (Storch Report) — Donald Trump won the nomination of the Republican Party for President of the United States fair and square facing some 16 other candidates of the establishment but even before he received the nomination there was a movement among the GOP to replace, denigrate and not allow him in the ‘good old boys club,’ and this all was long before the recent open-mike locker room comments that Trump made 11 years ago when he was in show business.

Allow me to make my position clear, neither one of these candidates were my choice during the primaries, least of all the Democrat, Hillary Clinton nor the Republican, Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, this is what we the people have to choose from, once too often the lesser of two evils.

Therefore I base my judgment on the only candidate — Donald Trump —  who offers America change from the status quo, which has not served the nation and its people well in the past 8 years with a slow economic recovery from a recession that economists are predicting we will soon revisit.  Furthermore the Obama administration has put we the people in harms way by depleting our military and with passive foreign policies that have created more enemies than friends.    

Is one candidate worse than the other?  Yes, but the establishment of the left wing media, the mouthpiece of the progressive liberal Democratic Party, and now the defectors within the GOP elitist establishment have colluded amidst a culture of political correctness to vilify the best candidate of the two, Donald Trump who offers to change a nation that is crying for a leader to improve the jobs picture for all, the economy, immigration and defense from an enemy that has declared war against the US — radical Islamic terrorists known as ISIS —  who progressive liberals refuse to even recognize while we are being attacked with terrorism on our own land with insufficient defense. A situation the administration is suggesting that we have to learn to live with.

The worse candidate of the two is Hillary Clinton and her 30 years of corrupt politics and scandals earning her a host of Pinocchio awards, and the label, Queen of corruption, crookedness and cover-ups when she served under the Obama administration as Secretary of State and now promises us more of what Obama left us with after 8 years of domestic and foreign failures.  And we have just found out through WikiLeaks, that Hillary is for Open borders and open trade, a disaster for the nation and more policies of the past.

However, the most disappointing development in recent months is the civil war that has been created within the Republican Party.  More than 50 prominent Republicans — some in the House and Senate others in influential GOP positions, including significant donors to the Party as well as past preeminent Party stalwarts such as members of the Bush clan who have contributed two former presidents, and one wannabe that couldn’t defeat Trump in the primaries — have defected from the Party and support of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.  

It is, in my opinion, action equivalent of taking a knee when the National Anthem is playing, it is being disloyal to the principals and policies of the Party, which has served them well and comparable to those athletes who take a knee when they should be standing at attention, disloyal to a flag and a nation.  

It is their right to behave as they wish under the Republic in which they are privileged to live and express their opinion, whatever that may be, but is unacceptable to me, because it lacks loyalty to a cause, it lacks  common sense, serves as a disservice to a nation and plays into a  misguided social culture of political correctness.  

And there are those, like the House Leader, Paul Ryan, who is disappointed in Trump, but still endorses and supports him, in politically Party induced words, but he refuses to campaign for him, it is tokenism at its worst and further encourages those Congressmen on the ballot below the ticket of the principals, to look out for themselves as he too will do for himself with indecisive direction. This is not the traits of a leader.

Action such as this also takes place in the Democratic Party, but to a lesser degree; they are Party loyalists and elitists too, but team players, fighters who will stand-by their nominees, even when one, for example — a President — commits adultery in the Oval office, is proven guilty of perjury over denials and is impeached by Congress.

Yes, that was and is Bill Clinton, husband of the Dem candidate Hillary Clinton. I post this for the benefit of the millenniums who might not have been around when this scandal took place. 

The GOP defectors only seem to participate in locker room talk in the House and Senate and then it’s all about the ‘good old boy’ network and how they can preserve and protect their own jobs among their constituents. They are anything but team players for the people they serve nor the nation they took an oath of office to serve and protect, and least of all to the Party to which they belong.  It is a clear and obvious case of gross hypocrisy, in play.

The Republican Party doesn’t deserve the respect it seeks when they behave as turncoats clearly demonstrating a lack of loyalty and proving that the only interest they have in serving is their own not the nation’s.

The GOP defectors by their very inability to be team players are contributing to the downfall of the Republican Party as well as the further deterioration of the Republic by handing the presidency once again to passive progressive liberals. 

The only hope for change, which the nation needs for survival, is we the people to vote for the lesser of two evils — Donald Trump. 

 Updated 7:15PM 10/11/16

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