Repeal Healthcare, Salaries For Congress

Washington DC (Storch Report) -My Muse, who I identify on the dedication page of my last book, ‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ suggested to me that we the people should repeal the healthcare and salaries that Congress gave to themselves.

It is they that work for we the people, we give them their jobs, yet their health care plan is not ours, they give themselves their own private plan along with their salaries and increases that they do not earn.

Who’s the boss?

There must be an appeal in the Court of Public Opinion for injustice.

We have a Congress that cannot get along, even within their own parties. 

It is a dysfunctional, impotent governing body that doesn’t deserve to be serving we the people.

Both dominant parties represent the elitist power brokers that run a rigged political system with hypocrisy, divisiveness, hatred, violence and vitriol.

They talk to us about team play, but they are anything but team players and have no concept of what it means.

We the people must find a way to repeal their wages and their healthcare to give them a sense of what their impotence of decision making on the issue of healthcare and the lack of team play is doing to a nation they are suppose to serve.

As a first step, I would suggest that the electorate body within the United States boycott the election of 2018, a silent, non violent demonstration of a no vote for their lack of performance.


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