Remember The Last Time I Fell In Love?

zoeAscot, England (Storch Report) –I don’t know if you remember the last time I fell in love, it was when Zoey came to visit, here on Manasota Key.  Well little did I know, all this time she’s been hobnobbing with the Royals in sartorial elegance.

I just heard from my correspondents across the pond in London and apparently Zoey was a big hit, along with the Queen and all the other Royals in their Toppers, at the Royal Ascot on June 18th.

The Royal Ascot is the Brits equivalent of our Kentucky Derby, but with them it appears to be more about hats and clothes than horses.

Zoey looked smashing in her demure yellow Topper while Queen Elizabeth presented herself within the Royal Enclosure in a symphony  of  ‘Pistachio’ splendor.

The Queen in 'pistachio'The rules for appearance in the Royal Enclosure are quite strict.  Men are required to wear formal morning dress, which must include a waistcoat and tie, a black or gray top hat and black shoes.

The tailors and rental shops do a booming business around Ascot time in London.

In the Royal Enclosure headpieces with a base of less than 4 in (10 cm) in diameter are deemed ‘unacceptable,’ but there is no upper size limit, as you can see with these lovely ladies.  Zoey selected to wear a coat of black trimmed with a yellow collar and matching yellow Topper of the proper size.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not but visitors to the Royal Ascot have tickets to one of three different areas: the Royal Enclosure, the Grandstand or the Silver Ring and each section has its own dress code. 

Hats at AscotThe dress code is held sacred by many and those of vintage watch over the younger visitors who are trying to get away each year with shorter hemlines.  Zoey’s hemline was fine, it went right to her paws.

The event is covered by the news media world-wide, primarily for the photo-ops it provides, not necessarily the horse race.

Even the New York Times covers the event and gave a nod to Zoey and her Topper,”A popular Ladies’ Day attendee in recent years has been Zoey, a guide dog.  Her owner, David Adams, who is blind and is the president of the European Guide Dog Federation, has her don a hat every year as a nod to the dress code.”

The Times didn’t show a picture of her, but that was probably because she’s a Republican.

When David and his wife Judith visited us this year, I told them it was not necessary for Zoey to wear a Topper and it was fine if she wagged her tale anytime.









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  1. gml says:

    Actually I think that Zoey’s Topper may just top Her Majesty’s
    I love your reports on Zoey. They are sweet and heartwarming.

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