Progressive Liberals Still Reeling From Trump Win


A Twittter

New York (Storch Report) — Donald Trump’s win is still reverberating around progressive liberal circles in America to the degree most are seriously being treated for PSD (post traumatic stress disorder) while the power brokers, who are also under treatment, such as the New York Times, are now delusionally suggesting that there’s no news value in Trump’s Tweets.

The media was also taken back at the breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’, the World Series win by the Chicago Cubs and the most unpredictable shocker of all, Trump’s win over Clinton to become the president elect in 2016, all of which I thought to be very plausible happenings.

And now, the New York Times is suggesting there is little news value in Trump’s Tweets with an audience reach of 16 million, after all as though he was only president elect.  It’s like the Times forgot all the basic tenets of journalism, like the 5 W’s.

The New York Times audience reach in comparison is somewhere around 2.5 million and declining.  Trump has proven he doesn’t need the Times to communicate with the people.

As a former journalist and editor, I wouldn’t suggest that the Times can’t afford to stop monitoring Trump’s Tweets, if it wants to live up to one of its archaic slogans, ‘the paper of record.’



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