Progressive Liberal Mania & Left Wing Media Psychosis Belies The Truth

New York (Storch Report) – Screaming at the sky protesting Trump’s presidency a year after his election appears to me to be bizarre behavior by liberal Americans.

Likewise the left-wing mainstream media, trying to make President Trump appear like  a buffoon, demonstrated their own psychosis by misreporting an old tradition of him and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe feeding carp at a Koi Pond in Tokyo.

CNN along with others twisted the narrative when they pictured Trump pouring an entire box of food into the pond, but cropped out of the video Prime Minister Abe doing exactly the same thing seconds before.

Bloomberg had the two “spooning fish food into the pond” when Trump “decided to just dump the whole box in for the fish.”

The media was painting Trump as an animal-abusing, lazy American.  The Guardian even ran a story about the dangers of overfeeding fish.

It was reported that foreign dignitaries have been feeding the fish in the Koi pond for years, all Trump was doing was literally emulating Abe with his actions. 

I don’t know if you noticed or not there is a psychosis taking place across the nation and one has to be careful to not mix liberal Dems with conservatives at cocktail parties, or one could be blind-sided and wind-up with several broken ribs and fluid on the lungs.

The liberal media is telling it the way the progressives want to hear it and the feed-fest is mutually appreciative.

Now I want to assure you this is not a professional opinion of a trend that is taking place across the country, it is just an observation – even though I do have a bust of Sigmund Freud in my office and I did have a psychology course in college. 




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