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ProfilingWashington DC (Storch Report) — It is clearly time to do away with the Obama administration’s policy of political correctness and employ the principles of profiling by law enforcement for those who wish to do harm to others including radical Islamist terrorists.  It is long past the time to play hard ball, identify the enemy, label them for what they professes to be and fight them on their own turf.

Today 12 individuals were slaughtered with AK 47’s by three self-proclaimed Islamic Al Qaeda terrorists in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, an anti-Islamist satirical newspaper in Paris.

Meanwhile, across the pond at the White House, President Obama in an earlier statement called it an act of ‘terrorism’ later his White House press secretary referred to it as “violence” then changed it to “terrorism” and later in the day sitting before a fireplace with veep Joe Biden looking as he was still on vacation in Hawaii, Obama called the slaughter “cowardly evil attacks on journalists and freedom of speech,” ignoring the facts on the ground.  No one called it what it was, “a radical Islamic Al Qaeda terrorist attack.”  But Obama promised that the “perpetrators” would be brought to justice because there was good counter-terrorism cooperation with France.

And since when has Obama been so concerned with “freedom of speech,” spying on US journalists?

As the attack took place in the editorial offices the three terrorists, who fled the scene in a stolen car, shouted “Allah u-akbar!”  Prophet avenged.”

The killers spoke fluent French.

A pundit on Fox’s Outnumbered accurately labeled Obama’s continued political correctness “malignant apathy,” noting that he once said, ” we are not at war with Islam.”

The editorial offices of this newspaper was previously firebombed in 2011 for publishing a satirical cartoon of Prophet Mohammed.

It is long past time for Obama to uphold his oath of office in protecting Americans, by identifying the enemy when the facts on the ground clearly do so, declare war against them and employ the techniques and strategy of profiling on those who would do us harm.  For god sake, profiling isn’t torture, it is used by many other countries successfully.  It is time for Obama and his administration to stop being politically correct and use words and strategies that identify the enemy and to do so to protect Americans by taking the appropriate action covertly or overtly. 





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