West Bend (Storch Report) – Privilege is perceived in today’s culture as being white, privilege is being born to a sex in which you are comfortable, privilege is coming from a family of means and privilege is being born in a country like the United States.

But who’s to say that privilege doesn’t come in the form of other looks or happenings that provide equal advantages?

Perhaps sometimes you just have to know how to take advantage of the privileges at your disposal.

In case you hadn’t noticed, if you happen to benefit from these happenings you had nothing to do with, well that’s life.

But somehow today’s society want’s some to feel guilty about having certain privileges that others might not have and God forbid it if you take advantage of them.

And, they want you to be aware of it in the 8th grade, just about the time you are grasping a multitude of important learning’s.

A test was given to 150 West Bend In., middle school students that included some 55 questions ranging from topics of sexuality, race, disabilities, religion and other topics.

School district teachers say they wanted to focus the conversation on ‘privilege ‘ after reading, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

The program created a controversy among parents within the school district, and rightly so.

The Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Laura Jackson, defended the school program by saying, “If we want our students to be successful when they go out into their careers in the future they have to understand that not everyone is like them.”

Really, were all the students in West Bend ‘like them’ and what was that?

Students of privilege was not defined, but it was implied that they were White.

To make students of privilege feel guilty about something they had nothing to do with, nor can they do anything about is a fool’s lesson.

Education should evolve from reading books like, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  Conversations should be held among students about the book, their take away, their thoughts and opinions and conclusions.

They should not be led, like a horse to water, to a place of privilege v no privilege, or to feel guilt or remorse for something for which they had nothing to do with.

Compassion evolves as does learning over time.

This form of teaching is all too prevalent in our school systems of today.  

It is the form of brainwashing instilled by liberals who want to educate our children’s minds toward the progressive thinking and future polices of entitlements for the underprivileged.

Allow minds to formulate their own opinions and grow to see the world for what it is, and not to lead horses to water when they refuse to drink.



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