Privilege No Longer A White Right According To Hillary Clinton


Hillary on White Privilege

New York (Storch Report) — If you’re white you probably didn’t realize you were as privileged as Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president of the United States, nor considered yourself guilty of a new malady in political correctness called ‘white privilege.’

But that’s what you are according to Clinton, renowned as  a political wordsmith that sounds much like a barking dog and thinks you should be looking through the eyes of underprivileged blacks to understand the privilege you take for granted.

You see in today’s society, to be politically correct you must find the least offensive way to participate verbally in society whether it be Twittering on the Internet or attending a social event where you might engage in a conversation.

The politically correct movement has escalated to the point it has impinged upon the first amendment and what you say on the internet, and it only returns its rewards to politicians in the form of votes but does very little for the common man.  Whoops, common-man couldn’t possibly be correct!

The political correctness of its very own incorrectness has negatively affected government, the military, education, business, law enforcement and has reached into the grass roots of America to the point it has been divisive in personal relationships and governorship of a nation. 

All of this can be traced to eight years of President Obama’s administration, a progressive with Marxist policies.  He is the global divisive Commander in Chief who would like to see his legacy continue under Hillary Clinton.

And Obama will also be seeking white privilege after he leaves office just as Hillary successfully accomplished ascending from poverty to joining the 1% of the wealthy while continuing to exercise the Teflon slickness of the female politician as she slinks through scandals and criminal acts like a second story Catwoman.

My, this column must be filled with political incorrectness, so if you would like to join me, use anything you wish in my offensive comments.






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