President Obama Can’t Leave The White House Unscathed Of Scandals


Obama lips pursed

Washington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama will not leave office after eight years in the White House unscathed of scandals, denigration, and criticism from both sides of the aisle for his failure to lead.

Nor should he.  His most grievous of errors is in his failure to fulfill his oath of office to protect the nation he serves from harm because of his lack of understanding of the history of this nation, as though his beliefs come from somewhere else other than this nation and after seven years of observance it is hard to believe otherwise.

He says one thing politically to get elected, but governs in another way which is not transparent to the people he serves.  Duplicity is the word that defines the O.

His behavior belies that he has any understanding that he serves the people.

Obama believes he is a King, serving a Monachary, not a Democracy.

We the People made a serious mistake in 2008 and now must extricate ourselves from all the mistakes he has left us with, but we are not without blame, but we should learn from our mistakes because he will never learn from his.

Obama is an arrogant man, a rather hard head.  He doesn’t seem to get along with anyone in the House, the Senate, even members of his own Party, foreign leaders think he’s weak and based upon observation and the comments delivered it appears that even the Pope has questions about his character.

The scandals the O represents is the lack of a recovery from the Bush administration which he bashed unmercifully, but we are still $18 Trillion in debt, and the job picture couldn’t be worse, despite the false figures delivered from DC on employment.

The IRS scandal didn’t look too good, but he covered that one up, Benghazi wasn’t much better — 4 Americans were Killed including the Ambassador to Libya — he has called ISIS the JV — and I wonder if he ever made the JV team in basketball — but he now seems to know that ISIS is not the Varsity.  On the basis of what’s going on in the world, I don’t think I would want him for a coach.

In the past few weeks while he traveled to Asia, ISIS attacked Paris killed 130 people, injured 352, President Hollande called it ‘War,’ Obama called it a ‘setback.’

At a press conference that was his worst in 7 years a liberal reporter asked, ‘Why can’t we get the bastards?’  Obama was flummoxed, and he has been fumbling for words ever since.

And now as ISIS threats increase; Brussels is in lockdown, Obama is meeting with Hollande tomorrow, the US Department of State issues a worldwide travel alert prior to the Thanksgiving weekend, the busiest of travel holidays.

Now you would think this would be an end to a nightmare, but it is not.  It is now being reported that allegations are mounting that senior intelligence officials at Central command not only skewed findings on the ISIS war to please DC, but tried to hide what they did.

Apparently this is where the label ‘JV’ Obama used came from.

Even the liberal mouthpiece for the administration, the New York Times reported that officials had told Congress that some email and documents may have been deleted before they were turned over to investigators, citing a senior congressional official, and said that current and former officials have made similar claims.

It’s continued to be an Obama administration of cover-ups with, in my opinion, the protection of a singular word Islam.  A word he refuses to use in relating it to radical terrorism, a word that is at the heart of global terror that must be addressed.  

This is a crisis, that even Obama can’t take advantage of without correcting it — and he is not capable.






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