President Hollande Of France Called It ‘War,’ President Obama Of US Called It A ‘Setback’


Hollande & Obama

Turkey (Storch Report) — As the world mourns the nearly 500 victims of the ISIS attack in Paris President Hollande of France declared war against ISIS while President Obama of the United States had a strikingly and embarrassingly different view on the barbaric act calling it a ‘setback.’

Refusing to step outside of the fantasyland in which he governs with a Lone Ranger leadership style, Obama said the US strategy (or, as some say a non-strategy) in the Mideast citing Iraq and Syria would not change nor would his strategy of accepting Syrian refugees into the United States because some want to ‘equate victims with terrorists’ over religion.  We don’t give ‘religious tests for compassion’ and entry into the US, he declared.

Appearing at a press conference at the G 20 meeting in Turkey, Obama was asked about whether the US strategy in dealing with ISIS in the Mideast was going to change as a result of the Paris massacre and because a number of his critics perceive his strategy dealing with ISIS to be weak.

He said the strategy would not change and that his critics didn’t know what they were talking about because he is already doing some of the things they were suggesting. He said there might be some intensification of the strategy, but the overall plan would not change. “I’m not going to be bellicose just to appear to be strong.  I’m too busy for that.” He said a strategy must be sustained in order to succeed and he said his strategy will succeed over time.  At one point he said, “If you have people willing to die you can’t stop them.”  Is this his strategy?  If so, how is he going to protect Americans?

While everyone else seems to agree that ISIS is a State, Obama refuses to recognize this and calls them ISIL.  The president seems to have trouble with the facts and the words he uses to describe what he believes is taking place, rather than seeing it for what it is as others do. He calls ISIS the ‘JV’ team and in a media interview on the very day they killed 129 people in Paris he said the US had ISIS ‘contained.’ He also refuses to call them ‘radical Islamic terrorists,’ or make any reference to Muslims, Islam or war.  One of the terrorists in the Paris attack had a Syrian passport and entered Europe via Greece, a concern of many US critics to Obama’s plans to allow 10,000 Syrians into the United States, some of which arrived last week in New Orleans. Since Obama continued to support welcoming Syrian refugees into the US 24 Governors said they would refuse to take Syrian refugees in their states and the trend is growing.

While Obama spent a good portion of his last 7 years in office bashing his predecessor George W. Bush he said he was proud of him after 9/11 when he said, “This was not a war on Islam.” Apparently on this occasion he found it politically prudent to use him to complement for once, as well as hide behind his words, to support his own apparent pro-Islam point of view based upon his own genetic heritage.

He failed to outline the vetting process he would employ to allow Syrians into the US — sure hope it doesn’t involve profiling? After all, he can’t pick up the phone and call Syria to get any information on these people.

Obama received three similar follow-up questions to the first one and became verbally and visibly testy and closed the press conference preaching humanity for Syrian victims, all while claiming “he will do what is necessary to keep the American people safe.”  He never made reference as to how at least one ISIS terrorist found his way to France via Greece along with the influx of refugees from Syria, who he once again called victims.

Obama should consider retiring to Disney World where he can live out his fantasy without doing any further harm to American citizens, or for that matter anyone else globally.

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Updated 11/16/15 at 9 PM to adjust the number of US governors refusing to accept Syrian refugees into their state.





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  1. Walt says:

    I no longer feel like a resident of the most powerful country in the world. This president is weak and pathetic and portrays such to the entire world.

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