Power Brokers Of Sex

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Men have participated in acts of sex along with the oldest profession practiced by women of prostitution. 

Power brokers of male sex in the work place are elitists and they are bipartisan in their desires for sex in the testosterone that drives their libido. It is power that allows them to achieve in this objective, because they are the power brokers.

They are not discriminatory in their choice of scores. They boast of their accomplishments in the locker room as boys in high school.  They are male and in this culture to this day they dominate.

However, there is now an avalanche of women coming out of the closet with sexual harassment allegations against the powerful.

They come in the form of accusation, speculation, but often no confirmation.

But today with modern technology, confirmation is prevalent.

It takes place from President’s in the White House to Presidents in Corporations and personalities in Hollywood, entertainment, broadcasting, Madison Avenue, Congress; it is pervasive in our culture and now more transparent than in the past.

It is interesting to pause here, because when some of the same acts of foreplay, which could be interrupted as sexual harassment could also be interrupted as the advancement of love acts.

However, the appearance does not seem to support this supposition, nor do some of the confessions. 

But, perhaps it’s not what didn’t happen with the sexual advances that we are talking about is it?  These are now charges of unwanted aggressive violations on one’s body, albeit many years after the act. 

Is it the culture that makes it more conducive to revelations today as compared to when Bill Clinton was President, for after all he was impeached for perjury, not for having sex with Monica Lewinsky in the oval office?

Meanwhile members of Congress were doing the same thing, perhaps as well in  the Senate, for after all they are the same sort of blokes.

The Congress even had a ‘Slush Fund’ or was it a “Hush Fund” of taxpayer money to cover-up the same thing as the Lewinsky affair involving President Clinton.

The conclusion of this essay has to do with ‘power’ for it is the one with power that is dominate and we are now in a culture that is fighting for that power on many fronts, not that this has not been the case for eons.

The Congress is moving toward mandatory training for males on the subject of sexual harassment, a token effort that will take us no further than women power and a future juxtaposition, and when it takes place, the same behavior will continue to prevail.







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