Populist Party Born

Trump with flag

New York (Storch Report) — The time has apparently come for a new party to be born in the United States where a citizens’ vote in primary elections for president is meaningful, which apparently is not the case today.  Some are suggesting the GOP under Trump should be named the ‘Populists,’ implying that the vote of the majority should elect the candidate, not a set of complex rules, albeit different in each dominant party, by designated ‘delegates.’ 

It is appropriate that it comes along now in a culture of political correctness, especially when most Americans thought heretofore that their vote was always meaningful under the constitution.

However, until Donald Trump came along and now capturing the presumptive nominee for President of the United States on the Republican ticket, and revealing that the system within his party was ‘rigged’ as well as that of the Dems and it was the ‘delegates,’ whether ‘super’ or not, that were making the decisions for nominees for the average person.  It hasn’t set well with Americans, among other significant issues the Donald has delivered in his ‘Big Apple’ way of rhetoric that is moving the electorate in a new direction from what we have seen from Obama and Clinton as Secretary of State.

If this were not true, why did  Bill Clinton, former president and hubby of Hillary who is running for president as a Dem, announce before the primaries ever began that she had all the delegates necessary for the nomination?  And therefore, she was the ‘entitled,’ although flawed nominee.

The complex rigged rule system within both Parties was exposed by the Donald.

Trump should be the nominee on the first ballot of the GOP convention, and at that point in time, I believe he will have named members of his cabinet but not the VP, segueing from the ‘established’ to the ‘outside,’ but creating a unity between both.

Nevertheless, the good old boys of the Republican party, and perhaps the Dem Party as well, are stuck in their Ivy League values and principles of the 50’s, and if this were not true, why is former presidents George H.W. Bush (41) and George W. Bush (43), Paul Ryan House Leader, even John Boehner former House Leader and Mitt Romney, former presidential candidate, boycotting the GOP convention and refusing to support Trump?

This is classic beltway boys playing in the sandbox, and the sophomoric move by Paul Ryan, the House Leader failing to exercise his responsibility to unify the Party, which is the role he should be playing, is irresponsible.

A childish move at worst, leading to what could be an implosion of the GOP; at best the Republican Party could be rallying around the Trump Train and move in the direction of a Populist Party catching up with the times while maintaining the principals of jobs, national security, economic prosperity, small government, capitalism and the principals of unity not divisiveness. 




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