Populism v Elitism



Washington DC (Storch Report) – Donald J. Trump is a populist president and it was he that found this demographic in the United States, delivered messages of positive change to them and they sent him to the White House to right the State of the Union. 

I reported this in my book, ‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ a commentary of Trump’s first 100 days, recently released and now available on Amazon.com.

In order for him to do this he had to change his traditional Trump look to a ‘walk about place’ in Australia looking like Crocodile Dundee in a swamp-like environment in DC where snakes were more abundant than in a traditional swamp.

Trump didn’t disappoint those that made him president.

In a rather brief period of time he provided jobs, convinced corporations to manufacture their products in the US, providing more jobs, created a climate for business that was conducive to growth all of which was viewed positively by the Dow thus providing middle America with more than a 17% growth in their savings.

He delivered more by relieving stringent environmental regulations on industry, providing more jobs, and went on to bolstering the military’s prowess for the nation’s defense.

The obstructive resistant strategy of the elitist’s in the Republican and Democratic Parties did not find its way to the heart’s of Trump supporters.

Ironically after seven months of resistance and obstruction, the Dems have modified their strategy as a party, to recognize the populist demographic population that they heretofore ignored.

Trump is alone in the White House, he has no populist support among either party and one can expect change in 2018 among both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

I would encourage the populists to stay the course for Trump, denounce the elitist movement in the US by voting them out of office in 2018 and supporting the core values of smaller government and the Democracy brought to us by the founders of this Republic.






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