Politics R Obama


Defensive Obama

Washington DC (Storch Report) — We have had enough years to observe and come to the conclusion that President Obama is all about politics and little else, whether it be related to domestic or foreign policy issues.

As an example, he was once again quick to respond on racial or arms issues — from the Harvard Professor beer Summit with the Massachusetts police at the White House to his quick on the draw rhetoric about the shooting tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Oregon fostering gun control legislation, but slow on the rhetoric over being outplayed by President Putin of Russia in Syria.

It is clear with respect to Obama he lacks a plan on the world or domestic stage while Russia’s Putin plays him like a fiddle during face to face meetings.

Obama calls Putin’s actions a ‘sign of weakness’ while others perceive it to the contrary. 

Obama no longer draws a line in the sand with anyone anymore because his last red line with Syrian President Assad faded with the winds of war, and a failure to live up to his threat of engagement.

On the home front, he has admitted to politicizing his request for further gun control regulation, blaming the lack of it on Republicans; yet fails to provide specifics on what he has in mind.

While making snap judgments about mass killings and their cause, that he says are occurring every few months, he fails to comment on the black on black shootings taking place in his hometown of Chicago: 28 last weekend and 6,000 since 2012.

Hypocrisy prevails in his policies and rhetoric globally and domestically.

In a 12 minute extemporaneous speech on the shootings in Oregon, he made reference to himself 28 times without any suggestions as to what he would do to curb the incidents.

Likewise in the Middle East he has no plan for ISIS, whether it be in Iraq, Syria or Afganistan; Russia’s Putin has formed a coalition with Iran to allegedly attack ISIS.  Obama refers to a phantom coalition, which he fails to identify.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State, suggested a ‘no fly zone’  in Syria to which Obama referred to as a ‘half-baked idea.’  And when asked about this at a press conference yesterday, he said, “That’s the difference between running for president and being president.”

As he himself admits Politics R Obama; let us pray this form of leadership does not pass this way again.





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